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facts about a standing desk

10 Funny and Interesting Facts about a Standing Desk

Do you want to know 10 surprising facts about a standing desk? Hey Hey! This article is totally for you then! πŸ™‚

10 Funny and Interesting Facts about a Standing Desk

1. A standing desk can make you smarter

Yes, but do not hope to be smarter within a minute. And, of course, stand up if you are sitting right now. Yet, please, do not try to work standing all the time. And yes, dear students, studying for one day before an exam standing does not guarantee you an A grade! Yes, yes, wonders do happen but not in this case! Do things smoothly and slowly and pay attention to your sitting standing ratio. Working standing improves your learning and memorising abilities and makes your reactions quicker. Proved! πŸ˜‰

2. A standing desk is a good pain relief

painkiller pain relief
Working at a standing desk can relieve some kinds of pain.

A standing desk is able to relieve some kinds of pain.
Yes, our bodies are programmed to stand. When you sit for more than 8 hours a day, you may sooner or later face a bunch of health issues. The most common complaint of office workers all over the world is lower back pain. Yes, you may have some bone issues, or you may be sitting in a wrong position. The keyword here is “sitting”. Forget this word. Stand up and smile! πŸ˜‰ According to Just Stand.com, 54% of workers mentioned reduced back pain the day after they switched from sitting to both sitting and standing positions. And yes, a standing not just reduces pain but also improves your mood! πŸ˜‰

3. A standing desk burns your calories

sea swimming
Standing burns more calories than sitting.

It actually makes sense as when you stand, you have to move a bit as you are not a robot. This is when the calories on your belly or legs go away. Standing burns 50 calories more than sitting! Standing for 30 minutes a day has a potential of losing 30 thousand calories yearly, or some unnecessary kilos! However, a standing desk alone is not able to make you lose weight at once within a few weeks. So prepare for the next beach season in the gym and use your standing desk as another option to keep you in shape! πŸ˜‰

4. You metabolic system will get a boost

Standing after a meal boosts your metabolism.

The more you stand, the faster many processes in your body occur. Yes, your metabolism boosts. A tip of the day from Fitnest is to stand after your meal. If you land on the sofa or a chair right after your meal, your stomach will not be thankful as the process of digestion will take time. Depending on what you have eaten, you may also get some unnecessary fat if you sit down as soon as you get the last bite.

5. Your productivity will skyrocket

productivity man writing on a board
A switch from sitting to standing increases your productivity.

This is epic! And also super important for everyone. πŸ˜‰ According to a recent study from the University of Leicester, 43 % of people mentioned an increase in productivity when switching from a usual desk to a standing one. Productivity is connected with concentration. And yes, a standing desk will help you concentrate on your tasks. Yet, when you switch from sitting to standing a few times a day, you will see the difference quickly!

6. Working at a standing desk = running a marathon

Standing for 3 hours equals to running a marathon.

What a surprise! And yes, it is not a joke. Some years ago researchers from University of Chester and BBC found some volunteers and asked them to stand for 3 hours daily. This is not the end of the story: each participant’s glucose level, heart rate and the amount of movements were measured. When standing, a heart beat on average increased by 10 beats per minute. The glucose level was normalised much faster after a meal when participants were standing. What does it mean? Standing for 3 hours a day equals to running a marathon. With regards, to a full-year results, of course.

7. A standing desk reduces a risk of cancer

Standing reduces many types of cancer.

Cancer can happen to anyone. And – again- a standing desk can reduce a risk of cancer. Standing just for 1-2 minutes daily reduces risks of all types of cancer! According to Just Stand.orgΒ , 92 thousand of case of breast and colon cancer in the USA are connected to physical inactivity. 65% of women sitting for more tan 6 hours a day are at a 65% of greater risk of getting a multiple myeloma.

8. A standing desk fastens your blood and strengthens your heart

heart facts about a standing desk
A standing desk strengthens your heart and fastens your blood.

Every 2 hours of sitting time replaced by standing lowered triglyceride levels by 11% and by 6% the total cholesterol ratio. The more you stand, the faster the blood travels around your body. At the same time, your muscles burn more fat when you stand. Therefore, the chance of getting a blood cloth stuck in your vessels lowers significantly, compared to sitting! Therefore, your heart works much better when you stand.

9. A standing desk reduces you chances of getting sick

a grey medical table with medications and medical instruments
The longer you sit, the higher your chances of getting sick are.

The more you sit, the more chances you have to get sick. It is not about the pain in your back or your arm. Sitting in a long term is a reason of many serious disease such as cancer, deep vein thrombosis, obesity, dementia, various types or cancer and many more. Some of them are not easy to be checked and treated at the early stages, for example, osteoporosis.

10. A standing desk makes your brain work

Physical activity is good for your brain! The more you move, the more cells are created in the part of the brain that are responsible for critical thinking. The more you move, the more ideas you get! Check it yourself and tells us about your results!

Conclusion: 10 facts about a standing desk

Today we have shared with you 10 facts about a standing desk. If you are thinking about getting a standing desk, have look at a checklist, reviews and make a brand research to be fully prepared for your valuable purchase.Β If you have any questions about a standing desk, or if you want to get one, feel free to contact us anytime and we will consult with you and help you choose a perfect standing desk!

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