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10 Inspiring Blogs to Increase Your Productivity

You feel like sometimes you lack attention and energy, you are not able to start or end your tasks on time and even water, coffee and 8 hours of sleep do not help? This article is for you, dear reader! πŸ˜‰ It is time to make a cup of delicious drink and stay with us for a few minutes. Today we are going to share with you some insider information about 10 inspiring blogs that will increase your productivity.

1. Scoro

a screenshot scoro blog
Scoro is a work management platform.

Visit the siteΒ Scoro is a work management platform. Scoro team has an amazing blog on productivity. Their team locates in 5 different countries and when reading a blog post, one can see different perspectives, and that is awesome. From time to time an international team of Scoro makes interesting posts about managing time and energy, the right use of technology to improve productivity, the right use of a weekly workplace and many more. These guys also have a very interesting part of the site where they tell you about productivity cases from all over the world.

2. Marie Forleo

a screenshot marie forleo
Marie Forleo has a blog about creative side of productivity.

Visit the site This pretty lady is a famous American life coach, a founder of B-school and a very motivating person. The attitude of Marie Forleo is not a technological one but she writes articles about improving the creative side of productivity. She is more than happy to give you some fresh content ideas, tips on what to do when you are too busy and burned out, how to make a change without risking anything and many more. Some topics are too philosophical, for example, how to be true to yourself or how to find the right niche for you. In addition to texts,Β Marie Forleo also has very enjoyable podcasts! Β Al in all, the American lady will inspire you and, therefore, we can be more than sure she will help you increase your productivity.

3. Productivity501

a screenshot productivity501
Productivity501 blog has a variety of tips on increasing personal performance.

Visit the site This blog is a classic one in a way that it is quite old and is owned by one person. His name is Mark Shead, and he has been giving tips on increasing personal performance for years. In his blog posts, Mark is not using any fancy pictures, but he writes stories of his life. And that is the secret of success of the blog. His stories do grab reader’s attention!Β The range of topics that are covered by Marc is broad,Β from direct tips how to improve productivity or worst ideas to do something to sharing some personal experience about difference in salaries between workers with degrees and without and tips on productivity while traveling. If you have a spare minute, check this blog. We are sure you will find many amazing ideas and interesting tips on how to improve your productivity in many life situations where you do not even think of it!

4. 99 U

a screenshot 99u
99U is a resource for the creative career.

Visit the site 99U is already an unusual name and it is a mix of many topics in a blog, where one is fully dedicated to productivity. 99U guys give you tips on some popular but unusual topics such as overcoming crisis and increasing your productivity at the same time, benefiting form spontaneity and disorder, collaborating on a creative project, working alone and being productive and fighting intellectual discomfort.

5. Dumb Little Man

a screenshot dumb little man
Dumb Little Man is a platform with a lot of interesting information about health, money, success and effectiveness.

Visit the site This page has a lot of useful information on many life topics such as health, money and success. Throughout the whole site, there are many interesting articles. Not all of them have a word “productivity” in their headlines but many of them have value. On Dumb Little Man you will find articles about some easy topics like managing time effectively, things that highly successful people do to tips for being an effective freelancers up to some philosophical topics like how to stand up when you have a failure, how to conquer fears of success or failure.

6. Steve Pavlina

a screenshot of steve pavlina blog
Steve Pavlina’s blog has a lot of information about psychological topics.

Visit the site The page looks like very old and the author has been sticking to the style on purpose. When entering the page, you can see building blocks and topics. The website itself is not totally dedicated to productivity. It has a great variety of psychologic topics such as emotions, relationship or creating reality. The productivity part has a lot of valuable information on how to solve problems by blaming others, how to upgrade your mind, how to get benefits from cruelty or how to build a strong work ethic. For sure, if you check the others parts of the site, you will also get valuable tips, and they will help you increase your productivity not just at work but also in other spheres of life.

7. ActiTime

a screenshot of actitime
ActiTime is a work management platform.

Visit the site ActiTime is another work management platform. Guys have articles on tips like top free time tracker apps, how to stay happy and productive at the same time or how to create a productive employee engagement strategy. Some articles go a bit out of the line but are still interesting due to a creative approach of the writers of the blog. Do you want to get some time management tips from the Super Bowl or US Presidents with their best time management habits. You might think why should I care about US Presidents or Super Bowl? We have studied the blog and were found a lot of valuable piece of information. Not all things are said directly and it is about you who should get precious tips that may be hidden. We like the way ActiTime present information.

8. James Clear

a screenshot of james clear blog
James Clear’s blog is about a variety of topics such as health, thinking, habits and productivity.

Visit the site James Clear has been writing articles on many interesting topics for years. Productivity is just one topic among some others such as health, thinking and habits. The blog is interesting as James Clear is using examples of famous people and some interesting facts from their lives like Steve Jobs or Warren Buffett. The headlines that James is using are quite powerful: Power of imperfects start, Chain reaction of good habits or Different way of thinking about productivity. The content of the articles is also impressive. The more you read, the more you want to read from James Clear.

9. Productivityist

a screenshot productivityist
Productivityist has interesting articles on development and productivity.

Visit the site This blog has very powerful headlines and the more you scroll down the page, the more excited you get to read more and more. Productivityist has a bunch of fascinating articles not just about professional Β but also personal development. Do you want to know the connection between an increase of your productivity and the amount of cups of coffee you take? Or maybe about 7 common mistakes that everyone makes when it comes to productivity? Or maybe you want to know the secret of being productive when you are sick and tired? Then this blog is for you!

10. Makeuseofit

a screenshot makeuseof blog
Makeuseofit has a variety of articles about the usage of everyday things and Apps that can increase your productivity.

Visit the Site The team of Makeuseofit has very unusual but interesting articles about the usage of everyday things and Apps and way to make them more productive for you. Have you ever thought about best sunlight lamps that help you fight winter depression? Or do you want to have Apps that help you cope with annoying coworkers? Do you want to know how to use time managing tools in order to increase your productivity and improve your mood? Do you know that a 100% refusal of using papers is not good for your office productivity? Check more interesting articles from the Makeuseofit team now and get to know more about various ways to improve your productivity. Disclaimer: We do not receive any commission from these sites.


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