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best fully jarvis alternative standing desk

3 Fully Jarvis standing desk alternatives in 2021 (with specs comparison⚙️)

Since you started doing research into the standing desk market, you probably seen or heard about Fully Jarvis desks in multiple ads popping on your screens. First of all, thank you for paying attention to your ergonomic health. Secondly, in case you are wondering about other available options, this article is meant to give you more information about Fully Jarvis alternatives.

The Fully Jarvis is advertised to be as low as €599.00 price. However, if you have gone the purchasing process on its product page, you also know after furnishing yourself for proper add-ons and accessories, such as extended height range, normal table top size, etc, the desk can cost up to €800.00. This article was not created to misrepresent Fully by any means, but rather to give you a bigger picture of the standing desk market and provide extra data for you to better spend your money.

Best Fully Jarvis alternatives

1. Best Design Alternative – Herman Miller Renew

Image of the Herman Miller Renew full desk is not shown due to copy right reason. You can visit Herman Miller website for more details.

Price 30points
Design 90points
Functionality 40points

Pro 1: Flawless design from a household name

image of herman miller lifting pad used in article of fully jarvis alternative
Lifting Pad example

This Jarvis Alternative belongs to one of the biggest names in the furniture design industry Herman Miller. The Renew features softly angled corners to prevent bumps and bruises, and slim-profile legs mounted flush to the outside of the surface to provide more room for your knees. The desk was designed by Brian Alexander while observing people at work, he noticed the need for people to intuitively adjust sitting position. Therefore, he came up with the intuitive sit-stand lifting paddle. You can adjust the height intuitively by lifting and pressing the pad. This is also a drawback for some people, as there is no programmable presets. However, overall, for the price paid, overall, the design can be said as flawless compared to other functional-focused products.

Pro 2: 12 years warranty (work surface only)

This only would knock out all of the competitors regarding warranty length. It has 12 years of “work surface” warranty. We are not 100% certain what they mean by “work surface”, but considering the context, we assume it is the table top. 12 years warranty for table top can sound attractive. However, bear in mind that a table top is not paramount in making a standing desk. Unfortunately, the most important part of an electric standing desks, its mechanical components, has only 5 years of warranty while electrical components has even less, only 2 years of warranty. This is similar to other brands in the market.

Con 1: No presets

There are no presets control panel nor digital display of height. You cannot see exactly the measurement of how high you are sitting or standing. You need to lift and hold until it reaches your desired height, which means there are no one-touch to switch button. If you are a fan of intuitive adjustment, or do-as-you-feel, then this wouldn’t be a trouble for you.

Con 2: Pricey

This is a no brainer. Herman Miller is famous for their pricey but high-quality products. For example, for a clean-looking cord management system, you have to pay €200 more (on top of €1,648 and more). Meanwhile, a core management racket at IKEA costs only €10. If budget is not a problem to you, or you consider this a big but worthy investment, the experiences you get will likely worth it.

2. Best Economical Alternative – Colin Nederkoon’s €21.98 desk

No image of Colin Nederkoon’s 2200 Desk is shown due to copyright reason. Visit his blog with the link above to view or check out #standesk2200 on Twitter.

Price (good $) 90points
Design 40points
Functionality 60points
Creativity 90points

This blogger made it to The New York Times and Hacker News as “There is a hilarious amount of Silicon Valley culture in this organization”. Colin is famous for his invention of Ikea Lack Side table and Viktor Shelf. He even compiled a detailed guide on installation instructions and height adjustment. Check the cheap DIY standing desk version of Colin Nederkoon.

Pro 1: Super good cost

This Fully Jarvis alternative deserve to win the best budget competition. Consider a Herman Miller Review cable management set costs €200, and a Fitnest table top cost €125, we don’t think that there is a better deal you can get.

Pro 2: Thrill of an do-it-yourself setup

Just as how Ikea got us addicted to buying and doing-it-yourself process, for sure you will be proud of this setup once you are done with it. Not only because you have just saved a whole bunch of budget, but also because you can choose a wide variety of Ikea color (but not material). It is fun being able to let your imagination fly high.

Con 1: Rigid, not flexible setup

The standing height is basically fixed to the height of your current desk and the height of the Lack table. While you can adjust the keyboard height to flat out your elbow. View the installation on Colin’s blog for more information.

There are multiple DIY options out there. No matter which add-ons you choose to do-it-yourself, remember the rule of thumb: comfy elbow.

proper posture when standing at standing desk image by fitnest eu
Suggested Standing Desk Height While Standing (Image by Fitnest.eu)

Con 2: It’s a hassle to switch between sit and stand

Whether you had experience in using a standing desk or not, it is common sense to know that you can not stand all day at a standing desk. It is not because you are not healthy enough or your legs are not strong enough, but it is detrimental to your overall health. Dan Kois at New York Magazine did his 30-day standing challenge, in which he only sits when driving and sleeping, reasoned why he stops the experiment because it damages his health. The point is if you are a frequent sit-stander, it is not convenient to having to move up the whole standing up to the floor to return to the normal sitting. Unless you have a fixed stand station and a sit station nextby. Then you need to consider the appearance element. If this is your Fully Jarvis alternative, then it is a good question to ask yourself: Does the fact of having a good-looking and comfortable work station matter to you?

3. Best Value-for-quality Alternative – Fitnest Sierra Pro

Fitnest Sierra lady standing next to desk holding a cup of coffee and reading newspaper

A demonstration of Fitnest Sierra Pro in real life. Use the link above to view the product in details.

Price 70points
Design 75points
Functionality 85points

Pro 1: Heavy frame for quiet and quick movement

Fitnest Sierra Pro features heavy leg frame, which gives a sturdy and stable support to the desk. Imagine this feature when you need to write or draw, or type fast and a lot, the stronger the frame, the less shaky your desktop will be. An easy illustration is by having a cup of water or coffee on the desk, the coffee surface in the cup is still and flat when you move. This Jarvis alternative moves quietly and fast. If concentration flow is important to you, then like many other people of high productivity, you would hate it when your flow is broken. Fitnest Sierra movement noise level is 50 decibels. A good benchmark to understand what is 50dB like is to compare it with whispering voice in the library, which starts at 30 decibels. Its moving speed is 38mm per second.

Pro 2: Anti-collision system

The anti-collision system is the spotlight of this Fully Jarvis alternative.

Safety at workplace doesn’t only apply for construction site work. Especially if you plan to buy a standing desk for a work-at-home station and you have small children or a dog/ cat, it is when the desk the system comes in handy. The technology allows the desk to stop when it encounters blocking objects.

fitness sierra standing desk pro panel no background

Moreover, the programmable presets allows you to set a one-time height presets to your prefered position. A digital 2-digit display allows you to know precisely which height suits you the most.

Pro 3: Lift capacity

Fully Jarvis has the lift capacity as advertised is 350 pounds, or 158 kg. However, most of the time, you wouldn’t need that much of weight for common workstation. The lift capacity of a Fitnest Sierra Pro is 125 kg or 275 pounds. That is more than many versions on the market.

Con 1: Small legroom if you sit low

The main electrical components of the desk lies wholly in a box.. It is an add-on rectangular box under the desk, therefore, if you sit low and in a cross-leg position, the box may touch your knees. However, it is not the issue of only the Sierra, but of most desks out there. It is a minor issue, moreover, cross-leg is not a suggested healthy position to sit if you ask any ergonomic specialists.

Jarvis Alternative Specs Comparison

Herman Miller
Colin Nederkoon
Fitnest Sierra Pro
Max height
Your Desk + 45cm
Min height
Your Desk
Lift Capacity
Yours + 25kg
Noise Level
LED display
38mm per sec
38mm per sec
Destop Size
60cm x 120cm or 76cm x 152cm
55cm x 55cm
70cm x 140cm
Anti-collision System
Frame/Top only (for DIYers)
Free Shipping in Europe*
Working surface (12 years)
Mechanical components (5 years)
Electrical components (2 years)
Mechanical Components (5 years)
Electrical components (5 years)
Table Top (0 years)

*include Europen countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Ireland & Sweden.

If you need more insights about standing desk, make sure to check out our Standing Desk Ultimate Buying Guide. We hope you find your perfect working station and have a successful working day!


Information about Herman Miller is taken from Herman Miller’ public link

Information about Colin Nederkoon desk is taken from the Colin’s public link.

Information about Fitnest Sierra Pro desk is taken from Fitnest’s public link.

Disclaimer: Even though we own Fitnest brand, our blog posts are not meant for advertising purposes or mispresention of any brands. We respect and appreciate our competition. Through the articles in this blog, we hope to provide our readers with more in-depth insights, which hopefully contribute positively to your buying process. Our ultimate goal is to raise awareness and improve everyone’ ergonomic health.

To give us suggestions or voice your opinions, you are more than welcome to leave a comment below or contact us (through our chatbox or email to hello@fitnest.eu).

Bye now!

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