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3 Standing desk workplace ideas to work from home 2021

Dear Future Standing Desk Owner,

Today we are going to share with you 3 unique standing desk workplace ideas! Working in an office is cool, however, there are many distractions and people who will always ask you to share your new cool workplace with them. Maybe you are thinking of some changes and you want a new workplace? This article is for you!

Unusual Standing Desk Workplace Ideas or an Alternatives to Your Office

1. Home Sweet Home

girl leaning on the wall
Having light in the room adds some positive vibes to your busy day.

The first alternative that comes to your mind is home. A cosy sofa on breaks, delicious tea, a wardrobe full of clothes and a fridge! Having a standing desk home is not a bad idea! However, the location of your standing desk in the room is crucial! Do not install your desk into middle of the room. It will make you lose power and authority! Do not face your standing desk up to a window as you will have limited vision and constant distractions! When having a wall behind you while working a standing desk, you get a sense of security, and that is very good for your productivity! Being focused at work with increased productivity is always crucial!

2. Your Lovely Garden

desk in the garden
Garden is a nice summer workplace alternative to an office.

Working next to blooming flowers and trees? Is not that awesome? Having a standing desk in the
garden is not as complicated as it may seem. Yes, you will have to take care of your desk at nights and protect it from the rain. You may also get some accessories for your standing desk! Working for too long standing is not a good decision! However, having a nice foot roller or and anti-fatigue mat outside can be a super cool idea.



3. Another Unique Standing Desk Workplace Idea: Your Cute Balcony

balcony view
Balcony as a workplace will always give you a chance to see beautiful sunsets in the end of a long working day.

Balcony as a workplace is mix of garden and home. You are always close the the sofa and the kitchen. At the same time, you can always smell flowers and have fresh air. A balcony works very well in winter or when it is raining. You can always wrap yourself in a blanket with a cup of warm tea and enjoy the views! As a nice bonus, you will have a unique chance to enjoy amazing sunsets almost every day all the year round!




Working not just in the office but also at home, on the balcony or in the garden at your standing desk is not a dream but a reality! If you are thinking of getting a lovely standing desk, look at our catalogue! In case of questions, drop us a message! We are always there to help you! πŸ˜‰


Fitnest Team

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