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choosing a standing desk tabletop

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Standing Desk Tabletop

Choosing a standing desk tabletop seems to be an easy thing. You determine all the criteria you want to fulfill online or in a physical shop, and then you just order it.

Unfortunately, in reality, things do not work exactly like that. Choosing an appropriate standing desk tabletop takes time. There are also things you need to pay attention to when getting a new standing desk tabletop.

In this article, the Fitnest Team is going to share with you 4 essential things you need to keep in mind when choosing a standing desk tabletop.

A List of Things to Keep in Mind before Getting a Standing Desk Tabletop

Before choosing a new standing desk tabletop, think of a list of items you are going to keep on it. If you want to have 2 monitors, some books, and coffee, you need to have a big enough desk. The size of your tabletop is also important. And the maximum load size is not the last thing to check in a standing desk.

1. Material

A standing desk tabletop may be made of a bunch of various materials. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. What are the most common materials for a standing desk tabletop?

  • Wood

    a wooden standing desk tabletop
    Wood is very sensitive to humidity, cold and heat.

    Wood is a very strong natural material. Its main advantage is minimum maintenance. All you need to do is to clean your wood desktop with a special liquid from time to time. Yes, we also have good news if you like doing non-related work things at your standing desk. Wood is able to survive all scratches. It is a very durable material: the next generations of your family will also be able to use your wood tabletop in many years. What is a drawback of wood as a material for your tabletop? It is very sensitive to humidity, cold and heat.

  • Metal

    metal wires
    A metal tabletop is not cozy to work at.

    A metal tabletop is another alternative for your standing desk. Metal is a strong material, and it is heat-resistant. Price is another advantage of a metal tabletop. This tabletop is going to cost you much less than a wood one. However, a tabletop made of metal does not feel cozy to work as it is hard and cold.

  • Glass

a glass table top
A glass tabletop is very fragile.

A glass tabletop looks cool! When the sun shines, you will enjoy beautiful shimmer and sparkles. A glass tabletop is almost invisible but it may distract you from your work: you will often have a temptation to look down. Especially if you have a pet in your office. Even though your tabletop will be made of solid glass, it is the most fragile material of all mentioned in this article. Keep in mind that glass is not easy to clean. And, yes, you will have to clean your new pretty tabletop as fingerprints on it look horrible.

  • HPL

a white table top with pink pencils on it
An HPL standing desk tabletop is resistant to burns, UV rays, heat, strains and scratches.

HPL or High-Pressure Laminate is a mix of paper pulp, resin, and overlay, decorative and kraft papers. The biggest advantage of the material is its resistance to many things. HPL is resistant to burns, UV rays, heat, strains, and scratches of any kind. With an HPL tabletop, you will also be able to see all the benefits of its chemical resistance and anti-corrosion effects.

We have good news for practical people who also like the design. An HPL tabletop can be used not just as a tabletop but as a board or a basis for hooks for the clothes. All of these options are possible due to HPL’s versatility: the material can be used both vertically and horizontally.

2. Sizes

coffee table pen
There are 3 different sizes of standing desk tabletops on the market.

There is a variety of different sizes for standing desk table tops on the market.

A standing desk tabletop of 120×70 cm is good for school students for study purposes. And, yes, a standing desk can make you a bit smarter!

A tabletop of a size of 140×70 is good for bloggers, journalists, gamers and web developers. The optimal size of a standing desk allows you not overwhelm your desk with many unnecessary things and have an order on it. Fitnest offers a tabletop of this size in 4 colors for a good price.

The size of 160×80 cm is an optimal choice for those who like to have many things at the desk.

3. Different Shapes of a Standing Desk Tabletop

  • L-shaped

a wood standing desk tabletop
With an L-shaped table top you will have a lot of space.

A tabletop of this shape is huge. And, of course, the main advantage is the capacity. A standing desk in this shape is able to have β€œ2 table tops”. You can have the β€œmain” one with necessary items such as a laptop, a notepad and some pens on it. The tabletop that is on the left or on the right can serve as an β€œassistant” tabletop with some secondary items like food or a smartphone on it.

  • U-shaped

A dream of gamers and web developers is there! A tabletop with the maximum capacity on the market will let you develop Apps and other web things or just enjoy gaming from 3 different spots. If you get tired or bored from sitting one way, let’s say, facing the wall, you will be able to change the way you sit and face the windows. And there will be no need to move a standing desk!

  • Regular shape

a regular desk shape
A standing desk tabletop of a regular shape can easily fit any room.

A standing desk tabletop of a regular shape looks a bit boring after its U- and L-shaped alternatives. However, a tabletop of this form is easy to fit any room as it is the smallest shape on the market. A standing desk tabletop of a regular shape will also discipline you to have order in a sense of having the most limited capacity among all 3 available shapes.

4. Maximum Load Size

In general, there are 2 load sizes for standing desk tabletops on the market. A standing desk tabletop with a maximum load size of 100 kg offers you to keep many items on your desk. A load size of 120+ kg is created for those who like to keep heavy things on it. A PC, many books, maybe also a TV? All of that would be enough for a load size of 100 kg. However, if you want to be on a safe side, getting a standing desk tabletop with a maximum load size of 120+ kg would be a good solution.Β 


Choosing a standing desk tabletop is not easy. The most important criteria before getting one are material, size, and the maximum load size, and of course, last but not least, the look & feel of your desk!

Do you have any questions about choosing a new tabletop or a new standing desk? Do not be shy and drop us a message anytime.

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