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💡5 inspiring ideas, cool working ideas for a working corner

A cool working corner… What comes up to your mind when you think about it?

Today we are going to share with you 5 inspiring ideas for a cool working corner!

5 Inspiring Ideas for a Cool Working Corner

1. Very Bright and Colorful

instagram josh.quaipon cool standing desk
Source: instagram.com/josh_quiapon/

And absolutely fantastic! This is how you can describe a working space of Josh Quiapon. This twenty-something software tester from Australia has dream working space for many coders, software developers and computer programmers. Purple lightning all around the walls and additional green lighting on the standing desk and behind the screens create some mysterious and working atmosphere. The keyboard lightning adds both some magic and energy. A standing desk is quite enormous: there is a lot of space    for two screens, keyboard and just to have freedom of movements.

2. Feels Like Home

instagram gadgetflow
Source: https://www.instagram.com/gadgetflow/

Very cozy! Yes, this is your reaction when you see a person working in socks!  Having some accessories like a foot roller or an anti-fatigue mat makes the atmosphere even more comfy! Having a cool working corner like this motivates you to work more! Why? The walls are white and the light comes from one lamp that is on the table. The desk itself is quite wide, and, yes, you can put as many things as you want there. You can even experiment and put some board games or set up a mini bar or a mini buffer ! And yes, the photo was found on a @gadgetflow account. These guys know everything and even a bit more about the latest tech and gear campaigns.

3. Very Minimalistic

instagram marcusmichaels cool working corner
Source: instagram.com/marcusmichaels/

And also gorgeous! You would say this about another cool working corner in London. Marcus is a front end developer with an awesome Instagram account. Would you like to work with in this office? White walls, pipes on the ceiling and a standing desk! A lot of post-its, 2 screens and some space for your private things! 😉 A very minimalistic and cool working corner that motivates you to be more productive and enjoy every minute of your working time!

4. Very Hipster

instagram hackslash_solutions cool working corner
Source: instagram.com/hackslash_solution/

Guys from @hackslash_solutions have a very comfy hipster working corner! A stylish keyboard in 3 colors, a jar with coffee and books create a working and a cosy atmosphere as if you are working in a remote house somewhere in the countryside. A wooden thick wooden table top is very stable and has many things on it. 2 screens and a window behind them make you not just work but also have some small breaks during the working day.

5. Another Cool Working Corner: Colorful and a Bit Romantic

instagram hipstergram89
Source: instagram.com/hipstergram89/

A working space from Garvin, an app developer from the USA, looks awesome. Colorful because of background pictures on both laptop and cellphone screens. Romantic because of the view from the window. Hipster because of a thick wooden table top and headphones. Cozy because of a plant. You can describe this cool working corner as you want but it is just very impressive.


Colorful or cozy, hipster or romantic, minimalistic or very impressive. Today we have shared with you 5 ideas for a cool working corner. We would be very happy to hear you opinions, ideas and experiences with working corners. Feel free to drop us a message anytime. We are always there for you! ;-!)

*Disclaimer: The article is based on personal interpretation of a Fitnest member, not guarantee to be the same as everyone else.

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  1. Stumbled across this on my travels through the internet, it’s a great list. Thank you for featuring my account 🙂

    1. Hey, awesome for you to drop by our blog! We totally love your setup and gladly feature you! Big greetings from The Netherlands!

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