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5 little known things that significantly improve your health at the office

We’re all looking to improve in life. In any aspect of work we want to improve. 

You spend most of your day throughout the week working. So what better place to start improving yourself than at the office/workplace?

We’ve noted down 5 little known tools that plenty of professionals swear by. And may have positive effect on your posture and general health while working long days at work.

  1. (Adjustable) footrest
Adjustable foot rest by Fitnest: https://www.fitnest.eu/adjustable-foot-rest/

For individuals with short(er) legs, sitting all day is even more detrimental. If your legs don’t reach the floor when you sit, it can worsen posture and cause back pain. People underestimate how important it is for your posture that your feet have somewhere to rest comfortably on the ground. 

With an adjustable footrest one can customize the right height for his or hers own measurements. We use the above shown footrest as an example from Fitnest.eu. When collapsed the footrest can fit even under an airplane seat or under most car seats, that’s how thin it is. So no worries about it taking space unnecessarily which could be a huge plus for those among us with smaller workplaces. 

Tip: Use the adjustable footrest together with your standing desk! While standing put one foot on the footrest, this improves circulation in your back

  1. Ergonomic wrist rest 
Wrist rest by Fitnest: https://www.fitnest.eu/ergonomic-wrist-rest/

Ah- the wrist rest, a well-known product within the professional gaming world. Why? Because rather than like those whowork plenty behind their PC, gamers tend to spend lots of time behind their keyboards. 

Usually, your wrist, when relaxed, should be slightly extended with an angle of about 10 to fifteen degrees. We also recommend stretching the muscles of the forearm by pushing the extended wrist evenly. This is often viewed as a natural way of protecting your wrist and forearms from any risk. 

You will be able to see within the illustration above that we’ve used the Ergonomic Wrist Rest from fitnest.eu as an example. We always also recommend you to check if the Wrist rest you’re viewing is compatible with your keyboard! This can be important to be able to get the foremost enjoy your wrist rest. And eventually you’ll notice that indeed the wrist rest will have a beneficial effect on your posture and wrist fatigue.

3. Ergonomic Feet Roller

Foot roller by Fitnest: https://www.fitnest.eu/feet-roller/

The science behind the foot roller is extremely interesting and surprising! It’s shown that indeed this foot roller that has been inspired by the massage roller has great results for your focus during work! Within the image below, you’ll see how every part of the foot corresponds with an according part of the body. According to the treatment ‘reflexology’. 

The cylindrical shaped foot roller is great for improving your blood circulation. Its multi-dimensional texture will allow you to profit from many other health benefits!

Tip: To put it simple: By relaxing the muscles within the foot, the roller helps improve the circulation. Lack of circulation is one among the main reasons for foot pain in people. People with diabetes, arthritis and plantar fasciitis suffer from lack of circulation. For these individuals a foot roller is an especially efficient tool!

4. Ergonomic Foam Roller

Foam roller for lower-back pain treatment

How can we forget the grandfather of the foot roller? The foot-roller for your back! 

When we look critically at ourselves we are able to conclude that almost all people have tension in our upper back, neck and shoulders. Why you say?

Well: constant hunching over a computer at work, gazing at our phones and from sitting and driving mostly. Yes indeed, we do all of the above mentioned extensively!

This constant slumping can create stiffness and tightness over time. To not mention postural imbalances. Once you have that tension present, it compresses your body. Especially your spine and shoulders!

According to a 2015 study within the International Journal of Sports and physiotherapy Foam rolling has shown to extend joint mobility and range of motion. And it improves performance and recovery of the muscles.

But the above isn’t what we expect to induce from the foam roller at this instant. While it’s great that employing a foam roller is great for muscle soreness and joint mobility, there’s a way more interesting use for us present. 

A foam roller is often your relief when it’s involved in fixing your lagging posture or back aches. 

We recommend you to put down the foam roller perpendicular to your body and roll out your back. Think about what your middle and upper back look like when you slouch and you’re essentially doing the opposite with this stretch! If you’re not familiar with foam rollers, we advise to start with a comparatively soft one.

The more you employ the roller the more rigid one we’d advise you to purchase. 

5. Ergonomic (anti fatigue) standing mat

Like supportive soles in your shoes can make the difference when you walk. A standing desk mat may be a game-changer if you stand at work, even for shorter periods. A mat just like the one above effectively supports your legs and back better than the ground will! 

How the standing mat works? While standing barefoot on the mat, the mat relieves pressure on your heels, legs, back, and shoulders. Making your posture improve and your aches disappear or minimizing them. It’s also better known under some names as an anti-fatigue mat. Taking into consideration the above mentioned benefits. It also helps to combat fatigue through supporting the feet. This makes the user experience more energy than usual.

The mats are easy to slip in and out of position. And most of those we checked out are made to last for an extended time so you’ll be able to enjoy it for an extended period.

Tip: If you do not own a standing desk yet we might advise you to prioritize the acquisition of a standing desk. As this is the item that improves your posture by far the most of the above mentioned tools.

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