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how to set up a standup home office

๐Ÿ’ฎ5 tips for using a standing desk (updated in the new normal 2021)

Do you wonder how to set up a standing desk home office? Let’s say you got a standing desk for your home office. However, you do not know how to make your standing desk a comfortable place to work. In this article we will give you 5 not-normal tips for using a standing desk.

How to Set Up a Standing Desk Home Office?

You may be confused at the beginning. However, take a deep breath, read our article and write down some of our ideas.

1. Choose a nice location

choose a right location for work
Choosing a right location for your office is a very influential factor.

If your standing desk is located somewhere in the dark corner of the house, it will not make you happy. Try to choose a bright spot with sunlight. The best location is next to the window. So you can make a small break in between and enjoy the view outside.



2. Add some accessoriesย for your standing desk

One of our fauvorite tips for using a standing desk is to make your standing desk look cute. Add some flowers or some pictures of friends and family. You will have some cute memories and warm moments in small breaks.


3. Get some accessories for yourself

Standing desk accessories
Standing desk accessories will make your life easier.

Since a standing desk allows you to work sitting and standing, use an opportunity to adjust the height of your standing desk together with the position of your laptop and keyboard. Since you might be standing for some time, make it as comfortable as possible. Get a foot mat or some foot rollers. We have a list of accessories ideas that you can add to your working station. Having an CPU holder, a balance mat or monitor arms is a good idea as they can increase your productivity and level of comfort.


4. How to set up a standing desk home office cool option:ย set up a mini bar or a buffet

mini bar standing desk
Having a mini bar or a buffer at the desk can make you happy.

Having fancy snacks and drinks from time to time is awesome. A standing desk gives you a cool opportunity to have a small mini bar or a mini buffet with your favourite snacks and drinks. You can grab a delicious donut, some fresh lemonade or some fruits anytime.


5.Hide things you do not want to look at

Some things may be irritating, for example, some bright colours or something that brings memories back to you. Some things like TV may also be annoying so you will have a temptation to switch it on. Try to make your working space at a standing desk together with its surroundings quite peaceful and not irritating to an eye.



How to set up a standing desk home office?ย Choose a nice location, add some accessories for yourself and for a standing desk, hide things you do not want to see and set up a mini bar or a buffet. Your office will make you happy and your productivity will thrive!


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