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after setting up a standing desk

6 standing desk tips, setting up a standing desk

Setting up a standing desk seems to be easy. After you have bought your desk, you are super happy! From now on you can stand for a long time and make your working day less stressful. However, after you have set up a standing desk, you may still have some doubts.

In this article we are going to give you 6 unusual but crucial tips about the correct usage of a standing desk.

6 Tips After Setting Up a Standing Desk

1. Your Favourite Shoes

comfortable shoes
Wearing comfortable shoes in the office is beneficial for your health and productivity.

You may ask us why shoes? Think of your physical activity: you will have to switch from sitting to standing and back many times during your working day. And you will be standing for hours every day. The less comfortable shoes you have, the more painful time and unpleasant experience at your standing desk you will have. When this is more or less simple for men to follow, ladies may have some issues here. Very often females wear shoes to look beautiful. Comfortability is not the first thing women think about. However, wearing beautiful shoes may lead to 0 comfortability and even health issues in a long-term perspective. Of course, you can find a unique solution and get some accessories for your standing desk. Having an anti-fatigue mat or some foot rollers is awesome, and your legs will be very thankful! However, you will barely be able to use these cute accessories when business clients come to visit you. In this case, you need to have some comfortable flat shoes like sneakers or sport shoes of any kind!

2. Your Sitting/Standing Time Balance

time management
In order to avoid any health issues, keep track of your sitting/standing time.

Yes, yes, after having set up your brand new desk, all you will be thinking about is standing! However, if you do not have any schedule about sitting and standing, you might face serious health issues in the nearest future. After having installed a standing desk in the office, do not think of standing as of a marathon. A standing desk is a nice accessorise that helps you be more productive and healthy. Keep in mind that a standing desk cannot make wonders, and you will have to make efforts and control your actions. For example, you may make efforts and stand for hours. There is no control of your actions, and that means you get 0 health benefits. At the same time if you control how you spend time at a standing desk, you will be happy, healthy and more productive. One more tip here: try not just to stand or sit but also move. Make small movements a few times every hour like go to the bathroom, take some water from the kitchen or bring something to your colleagues.

3. Do Not Feel Weird

weirdo with sunglasses
Try to overcome your shyness and let your friends and colleagues work at your new desk.

If you are the only owner of a desk among you colleagues or friends, you may be a black sheep. However, overcome your shyness and think about yourself, first. If you do not show off and stay friendly, people will want to get know your new desk. If you let them work a bit at your brand new standing desk, they will be more than happy! And you may even get new friends and business partners!

4. Your Yummy Desk Lunches

lunch setting up a standing desk
Food may spill over when you switch from one position to another while working at your desk.

Here comes a secret: no desk is a good place to have a lunch, except for a dinning table! 😉 The thing about a standing desk is that it moves. Once you have  left a bowl of soup or some cereals and you want to change your working position, you food may be not just all over you but also all over your electronic devices.

5. Your Careless Posture

posture standing desk
Paying attention to your posture while working at a standing desk is a key to productivity and health.

They way you stand when working at your desk is crucial. Here you need to pay attention to many details. Position your monitor at one arm length (approximately 50-71 cm), relax your shoulders and do not slouch. Keep your elbows beside you and bend them at 90 degrees. Your wrists and hands should be parallel to the floor. When working standing, keep equal weight on both feet. The position of your monitor is also important. Check the height of your standing desk and the relation between your screen and eyes. Tilt your monitor upwards monitor screen reflections. Stand in front of your monitor. Any pressure at your back is not recommenced so try to avoid it. Try also not to look down for too long.

6. Your Pre-Existing Health Condition

at the doctors
Get to know any pre-existing health conditions before working at a standing desk.

A standing desk has a lot of beneficial potential for your health. However, keep in mind that your health cannot thrive if you have any pre-existing health conditions. Some awful and unexpected neck or back pain does not come at once. Consult with your general practitioner when experiencing some uncomfortable conditions for more than a few days.


Having a standing desk is a good investment into your health and productivity. As with any kind of device and equipment, you have to be careful about some minor details such as comfortable shoes, absence of lunches at the desk and sitting/standing time balance. Paying attention to your health issues and posture is also very important.

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