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6 tips for using a standing desk, how to use a standing desk properly

You are probably super happy about having a standing desk so you are using it every day! It is super cool but do you know how to use it? A standing desk has a lot of benefits. When using a desk in a correct way, your productivity will increase and your health will improve. However, in order to get all the benefits from working at a standing desk, you need to know how to use it.ย Today we are going to share some tips on how to use a standing desk.

How to Use a Standing Desk?

1.Do Not Rush. Stand only 2 hours a day in the first week

Of course, we understand that you have just bought a new desk and you want to use it all the time. However, be careful and use your standing desk in a moderate way. What does it mean? Do not try to stand as much as possible just because you are in love with your new standing desk. You will simply get tired of constant standing for 8 hours. What is worse – you can get health issues. Try not to go over 2 hours of standing per day for the first weeks. After that you can slowly increase your standing time by 4 hours a day in total. This is how we think about the length you should be standing as a standing desk user from beginner to experts.

2. Stand at proper height: your arms should rest comfortably on desk

The proper standing position is the one that allow your arms to rest comfortably on the desk surface. This means your arms should create a 90หš with your front arm. If the desk is too high, you are more likely to suffer from shoulder strain. Before switching height, make sure all screws are tighten and all wires are properly placed to avoid damage.

3.You will notice yourself move & walk around more, maybe even hard to focus. This is normal.

Whatever your working position is,ย move from time to time. Your muscles need blood circulation. You need to change your activity while standing. What can you do? Move your feet, do squats or stretch yourself or even dance a bit. You can also put a jar of water or a coffee machine far away so each time you want to get something to drink, you will have to make a movement. Another tip: try to get small cups so you will move more often to get your next drink.ย Making movements from time to time while working at a standing desk is not just good for your health but it also boosts productivity and energy.

4.Use ergonomic accessories, such as anti-fatigue mat, monitor arm (if you want)

Buy standing desk accessories such as anti-fatigue mat, foot roller, monitor arms, etc. What for? No matter how long you have been standing, your legs and feet are not used to it. You will not change your standing desk from a stand to a sit position and vice versa every 5 minutes so your legs and feet should feel comfortable. Having a comfy mat under your feet will let your take your shoes off and relax. When getting an anti-fatigue mat, your will soon see a significant change in health issues such as reduction of headaches, a good posture and reduction of back pain. Foot rollers will relieve sore muscles and stimulate lymph circulation.ย Foot rollers are fun but be careful and do not fall down! ๐Ÿ˜‰ย If you want to read more about some other accessories for your standing desk, read our article about Best Standing Desk Accessories.

5. The ultimate how-to-use a standing desk: Be aware of your standing posture (whenever you can)

rule of thumb distance between eyes and screen
Back & shoulder straight, one-arm distance, no matter sit or stand.

Keep an arm distance from your eyes to the screen. It is easy to slouch when you are concentrating, no matter sit or stand. Surprisingly enough, but you are not the only one. Many people forget about your posture when thinking how to use a standing desk. The first thing you need to remember is your back. Do not bend! Pay attention to the shoulders, too! Do not slumber them!ย ย Your shoulders should be relaxed at all time.ย No matter how comfortable you feel or how tired you are, just do not do it. In order to remember about your posture, get an App for a smartphone. There is a variety of Apps on the market so choose just one or a few and take care of your ergonomics health!

6. Sit down when you get tired

Seems to be super easy but check yourself! No matter if you are sitting or standing at your sit-stand desk, the eyes should be at the same level as a computer or a laptop monitor. You should not have a huge distance to a keyboard or a mouse.ย Lower arms should be parallel to the floor. ย A screen should be a full arm’s length away from your face.ย When sitting, do not slouch in your chair. Make sure your upper legs are at a 90ยฐ angle to the body when you are in your chair. And forget about leaning on one side! It makes a spine cure and brings 0 benefits to a sitting posture.



Conclusion: How to Use a Standing Desk?

Just pay attention to your posture, standing and sitting time, movements during the day and also think of additional supplement for your legs such as a comfortable mat or foot rollers. Check our guide and get to know more tips about some tiny details that will make your time at a standing desk more productive and happy.

Contact us if you have any questions, and do not forget to check our awesome standing desks.

As a bonus, we are sharing a video from Mayo Clinic about using a standing desk. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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