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🀳6 ways social media boost your productivity in 2021 (updated)

All of us use social media in the workplace every day. Nowadays, almost everyone has Facebook and Instagram on a smartphone. Many people think social media in the workplace distract you from all the tasks you have to do. However, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest can improve your productivity, and today we will share with you how they can do it.

6 Productive Ways to Use Social Media in the Workplace

1. You Can Have Small Breaks

social media in the workplace
Using social media in the workplace allows you to have a small break.

Social media apps on your smartphone or on your laptop give you an excellent opportunity to make a small break and find almost whatever you want. Check some updates from your friends or some celebrities. You will also have a chance to get to know some interesting pieces of information about your professional sphere or something really fascinating about what you did not imagine before. Do you want to stay focused? Then you brain needs a reset, and a small break can give a great opportunity for it! πŸ˜‰ However, you should pay attention to time spent on social media. Therefore, you can set a daily timer, that will count your active time spent on the social media in the workplace.

2. Get Some Professional Connections

solving issues
Talking to professionals from the same sphere or mutual friends on social media can bring interesting collaborations.

Yes, spending 10 minutes on LinkedIn can enlarge your professional network significantly. Adding random people who work in the same sphere and mutual friends can be a good strategy. You can learn about their projects, think of potential collaborations and work harder to get them. After finding an interesting company/person/project your productivity will boost and you will work like a dog for the next hours to achieve your goals.

3. Save Time to Solve Some Issues

meeting discussing issues
Usage of social media helps to solve some professional issues.

It may sound very surprising but yes, social media in the workplace can save some significant amount of your valuable time. Let us say you have a question and you are not able to find a solution for some days. You may brainstorm or google it but it may be more effective and faster to find a solution in social networks. Asking someone from your professional network on Twitter or LinkedIn may help you quicker than googling something.



4. Improve Communication Within Your Company

improve communication with coworkers
Improved communication with a company boosts productivity.

Social media in the workplace can improve communication in your company. Let us say one of you coworkers is interested in bags. Out of the blue you friend’s birthday is coming, and she/he has been dreaming about a stylish bag for months. You start asking you colleague about some brands and shops on social media. Within a few minutes you get all Instagram accounts of the all bags available within your region, and you are happy. Your coworker is also happy as she/he earns some karma points. In order not to disturb the office atmosphere and not to forget the question, most likely you will ask your coworker everything about you bag on one of social media platforms. Who knows, maybe next time one of your colleagues will ask you about something not necessarily work related. This is how friendly working contacts are created! πŸ˜‰

Moreover, on a greater scale, boosted communication within a company can increase employee retention and recognition. In a long term perspective, corporate culture of your company will be thriving, and that will not just boost your productivity but also improve your company’s profile for potential clients and collaborations.

5. Get a Better Communication with Clients

shaking hands with a client
Social media have a lot of potential to bring new clients.

Spending 5-10 minutes on social media in the workplace can attract potential clients. Sending messages on Instagram, reading their accounts on Twitter, answering old messages and liking pictures may show your interest and bring new clients to your business. Engagement with your audience plays a great role as you read their feedback, wishes and desires, and this helps you react quickly to challenges on the market. Attracting potential clients on social media should not take much time, and it will distract you in a good way from your current tasks, and boost your productivity. πŸ˜‰

6. Broaden Your Views with Social Media in the Workplace

girl reading kindle
Social media can broaden your views in many spheres.

Finding something extraordinary on Instagram, or Pinterest about your professional sphere or something out of it may broaden your views. Even as the best professional in town, you will still get to know some things that are completely/partially connected with your profession. Here interests and hobbies come into a play! Usage of hashtags and subscriptions to intersection account will let you broaden your views very quickly. But, as we said before, please, do not forget about time limits as your workload sometimes cannot wait for you! πŸ˜‰


Not only buying a standing desk can boost your productivity, social media can too. Having small breaks, getting professional connections, solving some issues, improving communication with coworkers and clients and broadening professional and amateur views is possible with social media.

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