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👩‍💻🏡7 highly productive tips for the new normal 2021

Do you want to get rid of a constant habit of wasting your time? Or do you wonder how you can increase your productivity level? We have good news:  this article is for you! Stay with us today and we will tell you more about amazing habits of highly productive people.

What are highly productive tips for the new normal 2021

  1. Get inspiration and avoid conflicts with your amazing smile

    get inspiration
    Productive people have positive vibes and spread them around the (online) office.

    Smile increases your productivity. Wonder how? Just smile and you will see a miracle! And this is not a joke. Just one smile can improve your mood, bring positive vibes and spread them all around the office. Moreover, people with a constant smile on the face are more eager to work in a team. Working in a team or with some other people leads to more creativity, new ideas, perspectives, approaches and many other things. A bunch of wonderful smiles around  will help you not take criticism personally and fix the majority of workplace issues easily. Guess what? Many successful people have a smile 24/7, and it is not a fake smile. Smiling is one of the most important choice you can make for the new normal 2021.

  2. Take small breaks every now and then

    robot productivity
    Making small breaks every now and then can make you more productive.

    Why do you need breaks? Sorry but you are not a robot. And no matter how much desire and energy you have, sorry to tell you but your productivity and quality of work will suffer. What can you do? Make small breaks every now and then. You are a human being and you need to rest. Call some friends, go for a walk with a dog, go to the a supermarket and grab something delicious and healthy or just go outside to get some sunlight. Do any kind of activity and get distracted. Notice: any activity you do should bring you positive vibes and improve your mood.

  3. Make the best of your morning hours

    morning hours productivity
    Morning time is considered to be the most productive part of the day.

    We do not know if you are an early bird or not but you can change daily schedule for the best. What does it mean? Making yourself wake up early is a question of a habit and time. Why do we mention mornings? Well, that is the most productive time of the day! In the mornings you have no distractions like messages from WhatsApp or Instagram, no one calls you with gossips, news etc. Morning is your time. You can work or meditate, you can walk with dogs or make a plan for the whole week or day. You can do sports and that will give you energy and bring a mood for the whole day. You are the king of  the morning. You will be surprised but many famous people wake up early. Warren Buffet wakes up at 6.45 am, Elon Musk’s morning starts at 7 am, Jay-Z wakes up at 9 am, Pharrell Williams wakes up at 8 am. Guess what was one of the factors that made them successful? A smart use of morning hours!

  4. Do not check your e-mails too often

    checking emails often
    Checking e-mails too often can lower your productivity.

    Why? Your e-mail will distract you. Try to dedicate 2 time slots during the day for checking your e-mails. Turn off notifications on a phone and a laptop soy have no temptation to hold your phone. Soon you will be able to notice the difference not just at work but also in your life – you will have significantly more time than before. In 2021 we have settings in Social Media Apps that control the time spent there. You can use these settings but you should also control movements of your hands to the phone. Better write down time when  you check e-mails and just forget about Instagram and Facebook on your smartphone.

  5. Do some exercises while working

    making some exercise while working
    Making small movements while working at a standing desk can make you feel better.

    We are not expecting you to run miles or to play basketball in the backyard of your office. Just try to do some small movements from time to time. If you work at a standing desk, you can get some foot rollers and do small movements with your feet. When tired of sitting, you can raise your hands and pull them up. Some small exercise for your back could also give you energy since the majority of people do not sit with a straight back. The best thing is to make one-minute sessions for some exercise for hands, back, legs and other parts of your body to be in shape and have an excellent mood.

    We cannot stress enough how important it is that exercising is one of the highly productive tips for the new normal 2021.

  6. Make To-Do Lists

    to do list
    To-Do lists can help you save time and be more productive.

    Next on the list for highly productive tips for the new normal 2021 is: to-do list. We promise you will find them amazing! In a digital age we are living in, there is an option to make a To-Do list online and have it with you on your smartphone or on a laptop. You can also have a planner and write down your tasks there. Writing down activities and plans in one place is one of great habits of highly productive people. You will always have a plan for a day, a week or a month, and it will help you see what are the priorities for today and the future. Having To-Do lists is not enough. You should also know how to make changes and shift tasks. This will help you visualise all things planned in one place and you will be more productive! This is one of most creative habits of highly productive people, and it works very well. You will see how disciplined you are and how much time you are saving in a few days!

  7. Forget about multitasking

    multitasking productivity
    Multitasking can decrease your productivity level significantly.

    Unfortunately, the highly productive tips for the new normal 2020 don’t include: multi-tasking! Yes, forget about it. You can have the best productivity apps, enough breaks and the best To-Do lists but your productivity will still suffer. Wonder Your brain is not just able to concentrate on several tasks at once so do not even try to do it. And do not make any experiments. Like no. It is just not worth it. Instead, make a list of plans for the day and divide time wisely. For example, take an A4 format paper and write all the tasks for the day and then mark them as important and not important, urgent and not urgent. We promise your productivity will skyrocket!


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