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7 reasons why you may pay too much for a movable stand up desk

πŸ’Έ7 Reasons Why You May Pay Too Much for a Movable Stand Up Desk

A sedentary lifestyle has made itself common in the past few decades. It started with an inclination towards the new and advanced world but has now transformed into subjugation to the latest technology. The health hazards caused by this regarding sitting in front of the screens are disastrous. In Europe, inactivity kills twice as obesity does, a 12-year long study done by Cambridge University with 300,000 participants suggest (BBC News). Thus, prolonged sitting is more lethal than you think The recent pandemic of COVID-19 has intensified the gravity of this problem. People are confined in their homes and thus the physical activity is diminishing.

The situation seems to be inevitable as we cannot free ourselves from technology, screens, and the habit of meager activity. The things we can do is to adapt to this condition healthily and positively. Sitting for hours can eventually lead to muscle disorder, shoulder and back pain, headaches, bad posture, obesity, anxiety, and depression. If you google “standing desk Europe”, you can have a hard time making a decision as there is a sea of options.

Back to the question, why are people paying so much for a movable stand up desk? And how you can watch out to avoid doing the same?


Reason 1: “A Healthy Lifestyle” Inception

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People tend not to compromise on budget when it comes to health benefits, like how you don’t bargain when going to the doctor. Watch out for these statements: “Why are you working? What is the purpose of making a livelihood? The final answer will be to have the desired life with your loved ones. Without health and happiness, life finally lost its meaning and purpose. You need to be healthy to enjoy the fruit of your struggle. You cannot destroy it just for the sake of money.Β Wise people often spend more on a healthy gadget. A movable stand up desk is providing you with an opportunity to transform your life from today. It’s never too late to embrace a good habit. The desk is enabling your agility and movement easy. It gets you rid of the laziness to which you are clutched.” You get the idea.

Yes, health is no doubt indispensable. But watch out if you overlook the standing desk basic functionality over advertised health benefits.


Reason 2: Brand and advertisement



If you are not in the industry, you will be surprised how much marketing budget a business is willing to spend. When was the last you were impressed by a mesmerizing 6-second advertisement on Youtube or being wow by a brilliant copy on a bus stop billboard? Good marketing can have a high return on investment, which means the more spent on marketing communication activities, the higher revenues it brings, or at least that is a widely-accepted idea. We rely on the brands based on previous experience by us or our near ones, or WOM (word-of-mouth), well-known marketing tactics. The trust curated by the brands enables them to cost more in the future and we as a customer are willing to pay a huge amount. There are cases where people are willing to pay more to accept less risk in their new purchase. A good mass-marketing strategy does not guarantee good products, but it does guarantee a higher price!


Reason 3: Custom design



A movable stand up desk can be made in your desired form. A custom design with a luxurious setup can cause you a higher price. The material used in making and its durability can also aggravate the cost, for example, if you look at this list of the most expensive chairs in the world, you can see they priced beyond their functionalities. Some are made with the finest leather and wood (Finn John Chiftains Chair), or with Olympic athletes standard fabric (Pininfarina’s Aresline Xten Chair), etc. However, speaking about the standing desk, the basic component of the standing desk is its motors. Without it, there is no standing desk. The increase in luxury and its price always go side by side. The design you chose according to your need will be beneficial for you in the long run. The customized design is made especially for a specific customer. It need an extra effort to make a relevantly modified work. That is also a reason for more consumption of money to have a particular design with multi-dimensional functions.


Reason 4: Delivery Cost



Delivery charges also matter in increasing the overall pricing of a movable stand up desk. Your location is an important factor in deciding the delivery cost. Even if you are not residing in a distant place, it will cost you more to deliver electronics, gadgets, and furniture material. The company often charges extra money with relevance to distance, the weight of the article, and durability.

Many online stores nowadays, with the help of the worldwide transportation company offer world-wide shipping. Some are not transparent about shipping costs. For example, the total price goes up by 10-20% after total calculation, which was not stated in the advertised price. Make sure you check this carefully to avoid unnecessary over-price.


Reason 5: Movable stand up desk



The movable design of an adjustable standing workstation makes it a prime benefit and worth buying.

The adjustability is the vital feature of a desk you can stand up at from an ordinary desk. You can easily change and adjust the position of your table. The researchers at CornellΒ University Ergonomics Web have emphasized the importance of standing up between every 20 minutes of sitting. It means you should change your sitting position to standing up and get your body moving, even just for a little, in every twenty minutes to ensure mitigating the chances of serious health disorder. Through a movable design, it can be achieved easily by simply pushing a button. A manual setup might cause you to spend extra time and energy to adjust the desk. While a movable stand up desk saves this time and energy. The programmable presets may cost more than a simple up and down buttons.

An electric standing desk is an alternative to the normal desk. It moves and adjusts itself automatically. You do not need to alter the position of the desk now and then. Rather it changes the position by your movement. If you are in a sitting position it will spontaneously lower down to your ease level. On standing up, it will rise to the level of your hands to work. The luxury and ease never come for free. You might be paying a little more than normal to have a sophisticated and modern workplace with the bulk of future benefits.


Reason 6: Low competition



A standing desk is still relatively a new technology in developing countries. People are using the fixed sitting setup in their job place and also for work from home jobs. The desks you can stand up are in use by a little proportion of the population. People are less aware of the devastating health dangers of the sitting workplace. They have not felt the importance and need for an adjustable desk. That is why the competition is not yet high in the market and a small group of people is furnished with this supply. This is also a reason for its higher price. Although many companies have started making these still the manufacturing is less as compared to the traditional table set. Over time, the supply will increase, and the cost decrease. This is another reason why the price for the standing desk is still relatively high to high.


Reason 7: Lean Workspace



Nowadays, lean and simple is getting popular, which calls for new cool ideas for better workspace setup. As the population increase gigantically, the place to live upon is getting shorter daily. You need to get rid of huge and heavy furniture and replace them with smart, light, and adjustable multi-functional furniture. The smart gadgets cost you more amount because they are providing you more space for other things. The advantages we gain from such tools make them worthy of buying. An adjustable standing workstation covers a little area and makes a clutter-free appearance to your workplace. The Fitnest Sierra Frame cannot be adjusted height-wide, but also width-wide. Here we can relate to the fact of low competition as well. Smart gadgets sell at high rates when introduced but with the time, the rise in competition lowers the prices.



We hope our tips have made a wiser purchaser of a movable stand up desk. The time has come when we have to prefer health over money. The unhealthy lifestyle has added a much negative impact on the mental health of people. It has become essential to replace the conventional with new, smart, and beneficial tools. A standing desk is a modern alteration in our job place and providing us with a number of health benefits and is an important factor to enhance agility. It helps us to briskly complete the tasks without being idle. It is an essential part of a smart, minimalist, and clean home and job place.

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