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SmartDesk Core vs Jarvis Bamboo sit-standing desk comparison

First of all, thank you for taking, or thinking about taking the step to upgrade your workspace for the better. Taking ergonomic steps to improve your workspace is a preventive and conscious way of making sure you get to enjoy your health for the long run! We at Fitnest.eu want to change the world and if it were to us all who could benefit from it should be using standing desks. So we appreciate the great products our competition has to offer! Today will be a comparison between the SmartDesk Core of Autonomous and the Jarvis Bamboo sit-standing desks. 2 great desks with some interesting differences and characteristics which will be reviewed in this blog.

Autonomous SmartDesk Core

Image: Autonomous.ai  SmartDesk Core

Pro 1: Starting price

The first pro is a big one actually, for some the most important one! Yes the starting price of the SmartDesk is 543.29 euro while the Jarvis basic model is 628.99 euro. That is a pretty significant 85.70 euro difference! One could buy a nice anti fatigue mat or other useful accessories for their desk with that money, right? When buying larger quantities this difference becomes of even moreimportance. And even a possible dealbreaker. 

Pro 2: Compact office dimensions

When analyzing the most compact desks available of each variant. We compared the following dimensions: Jarvis: 120 cm x 90 cm and SmartDesk: 109.22 cm x 60.96 cm! That is a pretty big difference, and especially for those with smaller workplaces or home offices. As it states on the SmartDesk Core’s sellers website Autonomous.ai: ‘For those who have a modest office space and need a compact solution, choose between the 43″x24″ or 53″x29″ desktop.’ And that’s why we give this pro to the SmartDesk. Because we believe that some customers would appreciate the saved room gained by purchasing the most compact desk very much.

Con 1: Desktop size and shape

The largest available SmartDesk Core desk with the largest desktop is 179.07 cm x 76.2 cm which is smaller than the Jarvis Bamboo desk which measures: 180 cm x 80 cm. Which is a small difference but when you consider that the Jarvis desk is also available in a curved version and the SmartDesk isn’t, it makes this department a con for the SmartDesk. Even though it is a very minor one. 

Con 2: Height and lifting capacity

The maximum weight the Smart Desk can carry and handle is 120kg which is decent. But taking into consideration the Jarvis can carry 158kg comfortably as described on Fully.com, it makes the Jarvis seem much stronger compared to the SmartDesk. Also the maximum height of the Jarvis is 127cm (without top) while the maximum height of the SmartDesk is a shorter 119.2cm (without top). So this concludes that the dimensions of the SmartDesk are a con compared to the Jarvis, if you need the extra height or the extra lifting power, there your answer! And yes the same applies as well for the lowest height. The lowest height the Jarvis can drop down to is 62.2cm while the SmartDesk can achieve only 72.1cm, so that one’s also in the Jarvis’s favor. 

Fully Jarvis Bamboo sit-standing desk

Image: Jarvis Bamboo Sit-Standing desk from Fully.com

Pro 1: Eco-friendly desk top

The Jarvis Bamboo table tops are exclusively made from Mao Zhu bamboo. This bamboo is handpicked when reaching the age of 5 years. This way of harvesting the wood and the way it is picked means that the roots and the stem of the bamboo stays intact and can grow back. Which is of significant importance because bamboo generates 35% more oxygen than a regular tree. This is not the case with the competing desk as we couldn’t find confirmation on their website confirming their used bamboo was picked the same way. And because they also offer wood tops the sustainability part of this test is won by the Jarvis Bamboo sit-standing desk.

Pro 2: 15-year warranty (frame only)

An incredible 15-year warranty on the frame of the Jarvis Bamboo standing desk and all of its parts: the mechanical and electric parts and the engines.  Which is an incredible amount of time and which is unique in the industry and definitely a big plus. If you plan to use your desk a lot and often (which we recommend) this could be a key point to make you go for the Jarvis Bamboo Sit-Standing desk. The warranty on the desktop is 5-years, which is considered a normal industry average, so yeah also not too shabby!

Con 1: Accessory costs

The accessory costs of the Jarvis desk, like a cable tray, cost 65 euros while the SmartDesk one only costs 35.09 euros! That is almost double the price and can’t be ignored. Especially after we mentioned above that the Jarvis is more expensive for the basic model, the higher cost for accessories counts even more in our opinion. Another example of this: the cheapest anti-fatigue standing mat available on the site where we found the Jarvis at is 149,00 euro while the one on the SmartDesk site is already available for 71.39 euro. Of course one can always look for the cheapest options, but that aside. Looking at what the sellers of the respective desks have to offer we have to say that the Jarvis-crew get a con for this one.

Con 2: Desktop color

Taking personal customization into consideration, we can see that the desk tops of the Jarvis Bamboo desk are only being offered in 2 color options. In natural bamboo color and a dark bamboo one to be precise. While being 2 great looking colors, it can’t compete customization wise for the desktops with the SmartDesk. The SmartDesk tops are offered in 4 colors, so double the choice to fit a color that fits your interior best! 

Here underneath you can find a graph for a clear comparison. You can see that there is at the moment more green in Jarvis’s favor. But you do with the information what you want! Everybody’s needs are different, customize your ergonomic solution to your personally tailored situation for optimal results.

Standing desk:Jarvis Bamboo SmartDesk Core
Max Height127 cm119.2 cm
Min Height62.2 cm72.1 cm
Lift Capacity158 kg120 kg
Noise LevelBelow 50 db50 db
Led DisplayOptionalNo
Speed3.8cm per second5.85cm per second
Desktop size135 cm x 74 cm
109.22 cm x 60.96 cm
120 cm x 80 cm
140 cm x 80 cm
180 cm x 80 cm
Anti-collision system(Probably) Not findable on site No
Frame/Top only (for DIYers)Frame – Yes Top – UnknownYes both available
Free shipping in EuropeYesYes
WarrantyTop – 12 years Frame – 5 yearsTop – 1 year Frame – 5 years

Disclaimer: Even though we own Fitnest brand, our blog posts are not meant for advertising purposes or misrepresentation of any brands. We respect and appreciate our competition. Through the articles in this blog, we hope to provide our readers with more in-depth insights, which hopefully contribute positively to your buying process. Our ultimate goal is to raise awareness and improve everyone’ ergonomic health.

To give us suggestions or voice your opinions, you are more than welcome to leave a comment below or contact us (through our chatbox or email to hello@fitnest.eu).

For now farewell and see you at the next blog!

Information about the Autonomous’s SmartDesk Core is taken from Autonomous’ Public Link

Information about the Fully’s Jarvis Bamboo Standing desk is taken from Fully’s Public Link

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