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Awesome home office and desk accessories under €50

We all are extremely proud and satisfied once we get our standing desks, but what if I told you that you could make your desk and workspace even more complete? 

Who said you have to spend a lot of money to have fun? In this blog we will give attention to a few awesome home office accessories under 50 euro! Making it affordable for anyone who is reading this blog! You might catch yourself browsing online for a bunch of these products after having read this blog, read on and find out what they are!

Headset Hook Holder €17,74.-

We all have a pair of headset laying around, and if you spend a significant amount of money on your amazing headset then odds are you’d like to look at it a bit more than having it hidden away in your desk. And low-key we don’t mind the flex at the office. A wonderful and cheap way to store your headset is to use a headset hook holder!

In the image above you can see the Tateguard version of the headset holder.

It is usable on every type of (standing) desk with a thickness of 7mm to 36mm. And because of its design it is 360 degrees applicable on every side of the desk. Also there is a rubber finish on the part that goes on the tabletop making sure there will be no damage or scratches on your valuable table.

Currently it is priced for 17,74 euro which is a steal for such a handy accessory. As you can see in the picture below it can be multi-functional holding a bag or jacket etc.

Also it has a cordhanger for the cords of your headphones integrated so you can keep all your headphone cords organized. The model we are looking at even has a 4-year warranty, making it a no brainer to spend the measly 17 euro for such a cool tool which makes you able to have your headphones within arms reach at all times, in a stylish way! Have a look at the product through the link here.

Unilux Chocolate Footrest €44,90

The Unilux β€˜Chocolate’ Footrest is a great comfortable and ergonomic accessory to have at the office. For individuals with short(er) legs, sitting all day can be even more detrimental to one’s health. If your legs don’t reach the floor when you sit, it can worsen posture and cause back pain. People underestimate how important it’s for good posture that your feet have somewhere to rest comfortably on the ground. 

With an adjustable footrest one can customize the right height for his or hers own measurements. When collapsed the footrest can fit even under an airplane seat or under most car seats, that’s how thin it is. So no worries about it taking space unnecessarily which could be a huge plus for those in between us with smaller workplaces. 

It doesn’t only look incredibly cool but is actually as described a crucial ergonomic tool for every office, you can share it with your co-workers. Or just keep the footrest for yourself and enjoy its benefits for the price of only €44,90. Have a look at the product through the link here.

Table Desk Holder $26.99

As you can see in the image above we have the UGREEN tablet/phone standing holder. This holder can be used to hold your phone or tablet right in front of you or in the corner of your desk. So you can have your desk free and unclogged when working on a busy project. It helps that you can just push the holder out of the way and so you’re not distracted by it when you’re done using it. And while working at your desk you can have a look at your messages and phone traffic handsfree! Freeing up time and your hands to do more important tasks. Cool extra option is that it can be used on a lot of beds too because it can be attached to most bed frames. It is compatible with phones and tablets with 4 inch to 12,9 inch screens. Have a look at the product through the link here.

Pegboard $24,99 – $47,99

Organize your office in style! Taking away all the storage next to and under your desk and putting it to the wall where it’s better reachable and more clearly laid out. A pegboard is a cool new addition to your office set-up and can clear your mind from all the accessories laying around. Especially for individuals who work with a lot of different tools during the day a pegboard can be extremely useful. 

When purchasing the pegboard you will get Four pegboard panels each with 11″ x 11”, Two shelves 11’’ x 3.5’’ x 1.2’’, Two containers 3.5’’ x 3’’ x 3.1’’, One letter holder 7.3’’ x 4.9’’ x 2.2’’, two long hooks 2.4’’ x 3.7’’, five hooks 1’’ x 2.4’’, and two clips 0.8’’ x 3.1’’. The pegboard can hold up to 9kg of items, which according to us is more than enough for the regular casual user. Currently there are 2 versions available: 56cm x 28cm for $24,99 and the 56cm x 56cm for $47,99. So according to how much storage space you need or budget you have, you can pick the right choice for you accordingly. Have a look at the product through the link here.

Ergonomic Feet Roller €38,90

The science behind the foot roller is extremely interesting and surprising. It’s shown that indeed this foot roller that has been inspired by the massage roller has great results for your focus during work! Within the image below, you’ll see how every part of the foot corresponds with an according part of the body. According to the treatment β€˜reflexology’. 

The cylindrical shaped foot roller is great for improving your blood circulation. Its multi-dimensional texture will allow you to profit from many other health benefits!

Have a look at the product through the link here.

To put it simple: By relaxing the muscles within the foot, the roller helps improve the circulation. Lack of circulation is one among the main reasons for foot pain in people. People with diabetes, arthritis and plantar fasciitis suffer from lack of circulation. For these individuals a foot roller is an especially efficient tool which is more than worth the 38 euro spent! Your health is number one, you’ll need it later in life! Have a look at the product through the link here.

USB Hub €35,99

We’ve all gone through it at some point, you need to charge your phone or tablet or want to connect another device, but your usb port is already being used!

No more! For €35,99 you can get an USB Hub with 7 usb 3.0 multi-ports from RSHTECH. Which is sufficient for all of your devices. Now and in the future. Heck you can even charge some of your colleagues’ devices! They will be thanking your USB Hub investment when this moment arrives! And for the ultra heavy USB users among us there is even a 10-port Hub available for €47,99 also from RSHTECH. Although for the average user we assume 7-ports is more than enough of a upgrade for your practical needs. Have a look at the product through the link here.

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