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Have you ever noticed your productivity going down? You are full of energy and motivation but still, something stops you from being productive at your workplace.

Are you for some reason more productive at any other place but not at your workplace? This article is for you! Today the Fitnest Team is going to share with you some essential tips to make a better workplace.

5 Essential Tips to Make a Better Workplace

1. Start with a smile

If you think your smile is not important, it is not true. Only more than a third of us smile more than 20 smiles per day while 14% of us smile less than 5 times.


make a better workplace a girl smiling with freckles
Smiling works like a trigger: one smiles creates dozens around you.

Yes, a smile is the first thing that makes changes. That may sound ridiculous but, yes, a smile can make your workplace better. Wonder how? Just one sincere smile, and you will see the difference. All the things and humans around your workplace will get brighter and happier. One smile in the office is like a trigger: it quickly creates dozens of other smiles. These positive office vibes will make you and the whole team not just more productive but also super happy!

2. Check items at your desk

make a better workplace disorder at the desk
Messy tables lead to procrastination.

Come up to your desk and sit down. How many things do you see on it? Count them right now. And then ask yourself if you really need all of them. Okay. Take your time and make a list of things that you really need. Do not think too much and limit your list to 5-7 items. No food and drinks, please! 😉 We have some item ideas for you. A laptop, a second screen, post-its, some papers, a few colorful pens, and highlighters are the essentials. What about your smartphone? Either leave it in your bag or in the pocket but always on silent. Smartphones can significantly distract you from work!

Our brain likes order. Researches from Princeton University Neuroscience Institute found out that a human brain reacts on any visual disorder (such as a mess at a desk), and it reduces its ability to focus and starts to work slowly. Another study showed a connection between a lot of stuff at the desk and a habit of procrastination. The more disorder at your desk you have, the more often you procrastinate.

3. Check your posture

a guy at the laptop
Your posture may significantly influence your productivity.

Come up to your desk again and sit down. Do you feel comfortable? Is your back straight? Are your elbows not in the air? Is your head a bit down? Do you have to bend a bit to look at the screen? Write all the answers down. If the first two answers are yes and the rest is no then you are good. If the answers are different from the mentioned ones, it is time for you to think about getting a new desk.

4. Get rid of drowsiness

Are you familiar with a feeling of drowsiness in the workplace? Can you barely see any effect from energy drinks and coffee? You seem to have 8 hours of sleep every day but for some reason, your productivity and happiness levels are still low?

Try to take some small breaks, do physical activities and movements from time to time. Do you want to go out for a coffee with your colleague? Do it! Is there a dog in your office? Ask for permission to walk with it for a bit. Play with a dog, and you will quickly see a noticeable energy and happiness boost! 😉

a black dog sleeping
Taking a dog for a walk is an effective way to get rid of being sleepy!

A pet does not help? Try to change your activity from sitting to standing from time to time. Feeling sleepy while standing is more difficult than when sitting. Is there a desk that will let you work both sitting and standing? Yes! A variety of standing desks from Fitnest will keep you awake during the day! These types of desks are known for having a bunch of benefits for your health such as lowered blood pressure, absence of back pain, improved metabolism and many more!

5. Get fresh air

make a better workplace get fresh air
Fresh air increases your productivity.

Fresh air does wonders. Both cold and warm air does. Fresh is the keyword. 😉 Open your window every hour or so. Let the fresh air get in! A portion of it changes the temperature in the office in most cases (unless you live in tropical countries). Your brain and your body will feel fresh air streams, and this will boost your brain work better.

Conclusion: Making a Better Workplace

A smile, a minimum number of items at the desk, a correct posture, some movements and a bit of fresh air are the cornerstones for a better workplace. Check them by yourself now and let us know the results!

Do you want to share your ideas for a better workplace? We would always be happy to get to know them!

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