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Burn more calories without working out with these 10 habits๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

Sitting is perhaps the new smoking. You know that. But life happens. You have a living to earn and you just not gonna leave your job just because it requires more than 10 hours of sitting per day. However, squeak your habits to add more movements to your days can burn more calories in the long-term. Moreover, it doesnโ€™t take that much of efforts to add more movements to your day.ย 

  1. Forget your water bottles on purpose!

forget your water bottle
Having no water bottle on you will help you move more.

It might be convenient to get water once and sit for a whole day. However, by forgetting water bottles on purpose, you can lift yourself up from your seats more often and go get yourself a cup of water. Burn more calories!


  1. Drink a lot of water to increase walks to the bathroom

drink more water
Drinking more water makes you go to the bathroom more often.

At some point, we humans will do anything for food and drink. Our ancestors did. So are we. Everyone knows that we need a drink enough water every day. Why not break that 2-liter-water myth into smaller bits throughout the day. Get that bladder full faster, so you can burn more calories by walking to the toilets. It also counts. Moving around helps boost blood circulation, leaving you with a clearer and more concentrated mind.


  1. Have a stairs policy to move more

Using stairs reduces risks associated with physical inactivity.

You might be 5 minutes slower if you use the stairs instead of the elevator or any walk-machine, but according to the US Health News, only 5 minutes of walking per hour can reduce significantly some risks associated with physical inactivity. You might be surprised at how refresh you can be after your heart is pumped from the stairs walk. Plus, you donโ€™t have to wait for the elevator. That takes time, even though time flies faster when it is easy.




  1. Bike/ Walk to work

bicycle to work
While commuting to work you can listen to podcasts you like, and time will fly fast.

This is perhaps the most popular advice ever. Not if you work 2 or 3 hours away or always feel like you donโ€™t have enough time for anything. It takes patience to walk to work. What you can try is to listen to educational, industry-related podcasts on the go. Listening to something you like can make the commute way more interesting. Plus, it helps our planet become more breathable.

  1. Park in a further parking slot

In case you have to use your car, you can burn more calories by finding a parking slot that is further away so that you can walk more to office.

  1. Eat on the go

eat on the way
Having food on the way and smelling the fresh air will bring positive vibes into your life.


Who says that lunch has to be in office? Sometimes, it is nice to have compact food, such as bread, or quick meals that you can enjoy on the go. You can also take a short walk after lunch around the office building. Walk around and smell the fresh air. If you want to lunch with your colleagues, bring him/her with you.



  1. Smoker or non-smoker breaks

You donโ€™t have to smoke to take a smoker break. Take a short break every one or two hours. You might follow some time management techniques, like Pomodoro, where you divide your work and break into smaller intervals. If not, just listen to your body. Even music can pause, why not you?


  1. Work around health-conscious people

motivated people
Hanging around motivated people will make you stay motivated.

The best way to stay motivated is to hang around motivated people. But what if your colleagues are Mc
Donalds-for-life? Then change your job! Just kidding. If you donโ€™t want to be influenced, be the influencers. Good vibe spreads. Suggest stand-up meetings, or ask your company for individual standing desk installation.


  1. Make use of technology

camera coffee
A Fitbit, an Apple Watch or any other device will help you track your movements.

Phones and smartwatches are not bad, it is the way we use it that makes it bad. Take control of your smart devices. It could be a Fitbit, Apple Watch or any movement tracking barometer. It is easier to be motivated when you have tangible report in front of you. Join movements community. Compete with your friends or family to see who move more.



  1. Use a standing desk

Another solution is to consider taking a standing desk lifestyle. A standing desk would not solve all your problems, and it also takes time to get used to. It requires initiative and commitments, but the results in long-term is yours to feel. Need tips on asking for a standing desk in the office, read our article.

The less you sit now, the more active you can be later in life. Try to squeeze a minute here, a minute there. You donโ€™t have to hit the gym for an active lifestyle. Do something you love, like running, skateboarding, walking, biking, etc, and you shall move more.


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