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Buying a standing desk in Austria

So you are looking to purchase a standing desk in Austria? Where to start? What to look out for? There are many customization options out there. Different models. Different sizes and colors. And of course most importantly different vendors and retailers. What are the similarities? What are the ups and downs? Of course it is of utmost importance to know what you are going to mount on the desk to determine what fits you best. Follow through with reading to find out all of the above and more about buying a standing desk in Austria. 

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Main online options in Austria





In our buying guides we look at what the main options are in your country. What the details are about delivery, options, availability and many more interesting criteria. This week’s pick of countries is Austria! So especially for the Austrians among us this is going to be an interesting blog!

Main options for Austrians

When we tick in on google the word: ‘standing desk’ as this is what we are looking for in the first place. We can see 4 sellers clearly coming up on top first in the searches: Buy.co.at, Yaasa.de, Ahrend.com and Fitnest.eu. We consider these your main 4 options and we will review all four of them looking at various aspects of each seller. For you to be able to decide better which one you’d like to choose your desk from.


Ubuy is an international retailer operating in the US and Europe. Because they are doing business on such a relatively large scale there is a good assortment of standing desks available one must acknowledge. As seen in the image below. What makes Ubuy so unique is when taking a look at the image below. You can see that the tables being offered are also available with a curved desk, or a corner desk. This usually isn’t offered by European retailers (with some exceptions). So this is a very positive and differentiating assortment of standing desks. They also sell different brands, making the options even more plentiful. 

Of course no retailer is perfect. And Ubuy has a particular red flag we have not seen so far. When you want to order the attractively priced desks. You get a notification that; ‘Customs/import duties & taxes will be paid by the courier company at the time of clearance on the customer’s behalf. Service charges for clearance will be collected by the courier company along with Customs/Import duties & Taxes at the time of delivery from the customer.’ This gives a bit of uncertainty and confusion of how expensive the desk will eventually be when you order it to Austria to be delivered. This might very well be a red flag and a turn off for some customers, as they don’t want to risk ordering something without knowing the exact costs. And certainly is something we advise you to take into consideration. 


Yaasa is an established and one of the most popular retailers in Germany for standing desks. They have a great and easy website layout and have promising positive reviews on their side. The offering of colors and sizes is up to standard. With nice modern colors and designs for their table tops. Also the delivery is free of charge within germany

Warranty is standard 5 years which is the industry average. Customer feedback according to the reviews is very high. Hence why Yaasa is an interesting and reliable retailer to do business with, compared to the unknown added costs from Ubuy, Yaasa looks much more transparent we have to admit. 


Ahrend is a big and established office furniture retailer in Austria. With very interesting models available. We found them on google as one of the top ads when looking for standing desks in Austria. They sell a standing desk range called the Ahrend home sit-standing desk. Because we have a rule we would choose the first 4 retailers that would pop up, here we are. 

The standing desks they offer look very good, the description is very interesting and standard. In the image the dimensions are clear and there are apparently only 2 colors available (White and Gray Oak). With the information available on the Ahrend site it is very difficult to conclude the prices as there is no price manual. Only a contact us page. This is probably because Ahrend is occupied with large B2B sales. Therefore they prefer to get contacted for a price offering from their side. Although we assume that it is possible to individually buy a desk at their site. And because they are usually busy with B2B, they probably order a huge quantity of desks. Therefore we assume the prices will be a bit under the retailer-average that we have seen so far. 


As mentioned in the last blog, Fitnest.eu is an established online retailer originally from the Netherlands. With an outstanding quality and customer service it has many great reviews and customer feedback. Read many of the great reviews here: It is an online webshop with an assortment of various ergonomically responsible products for your office needs. Fitnest.eu takes health and ergonomic furniture seriously. And when compared as we saw to the other retailers. They are currently offering the best bang for your buck by far. Considering the capabilities of the desks they sell and performance for a relatively more attractive price!

Fitnest also offers free shipping to: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Luxembourg. There are many color options for the frames and sizes for the table tops. So you can customize your standing desk exactly as it works best for you! Also there is a broad choice of appropriate seating for the perfect ergonomic set-up in your office. You can pick appropriate accessories for your standing desk also on the Fitnest’s site for the complete standing desk package. 

You can pay by various methods like: Paypal, iDeal, SOFORT, Bancontact, Apple Pay, EPS, Giropay, Belfius Direct Net, Bank Transfer, ING Home’Pay, KBC/CBC. Which is an excellent broad spectrum of payment methods for EU-citizens. 

We hope that we have broadened your spectrum a bit concerning extra options when it comes to buying a standing desk if you’re from Austria!

Information about Ubuy.co.at is found at Ubuy’s link

Information about Yaasa.de is found at Yaasa’s link

Information about Ahrend.de is found at Ahrend’s link

Information about Fitnest.eu is found at Fitnest.eu’s link

Disclaimer: Even though we own Fitnest brand, our blog posts are not meant for advertising purposes or misrepresentation of any brands. We respect and appreciate our competition. Through the articles in this blog, we hope to provide our readers with more in-depth insights, which hopefully contribute positively to your buying process. Our ultimate goal is to raise awareness and improve everyone’ ergonomic health.

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