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Buying a standing desk in Belgium

So you are looking to purchase a standing desk in Belgium? Where to start? What to look out for? There are many customization options out there. Different models. Different sizes and colors. And of course most importantly different vendors and retailers. What are the similarities? What are the ups and downs? Of course it is of utmost importance to know what you are going to mount on the desk to determine what fits you best. Follow through with reading to find out all of the above and more about buying a standing desk in Belgium. 

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Main online options in Belgium



OKA Office Furniture


In our buying guides we look at what the main options are in your country. What the details are about delivery, options, availability and many more interesting criteria. This week’s pick of countries is Belgium! So especially for the Luxembourgers between us this is going to be an interesting blog!

Main options for Belgians

When we tick in on google the word: ‘standing desk’ as this is what we are looking for in the first place. We can see 4 sellers clearly coming up on top first in the searches: Royal-Office.com, Oka.be, Worktrainer.com and Fitnest.eu. We consider these your main 4 options and we will review all four of them looking at various aspects of each seller. For you to be able to decide better which one you’d like to choose your desk from.


Royal-Office offers a nice and trendy assortment of standing desks. They offer 2 main models as seen below in different configurations. Per model there are 4 table tops sizes offered: (120 cm x 80 cm – 140 cm x 80 cm  – 160 cm x 80 cm – 180 cm x 80 cm). And for the Dual Motor model on the left there are the color options : (Black or White) and for the 3-stroke model on the right there are the table-top colors available: (Gray – White – Black). Their site lay-out is very clear and makes it easy to select the necessary table top sizes and color schemes of your preference. 

What is also a nice plus is that unlike many other retailers in Belgium they offer free shipping (to all European countries excl. Norway, Switzerland and the UK). That’s why they have a broker team that takes care of the export declarations and procedures. What also caught our attention is that Royal-Office has matching coffee-tables with the same colors as your desk, they also offer matching shelves. Which is a great way to stylishly redesign your office with matching accessories to your table(s). 


Worktrainer is also an established retailer in the EU. What is immediately noticeable is that they offer a huge variety of sizes of standing desks. Frame and table-top wise they by far have the largest assortment we’ve seen so far. From small standing desks from table top size: 80 cm x 60 cm to the larger desks 200 cm x 100 cm. And all of the sizes in between using a deviation of 20 cm in size and width wise per step. 

The only downside concerning their premium SteelForce 670 desks is that the noise level is around 55 db which is louder than Fitnest’s Sierra models which are under 50 db. Also the desks can only lift 100kg while the Sierra can lift 120kg. And taking into consideration that the SteelForce 670 is 158,- euros more expensive, it is a big point to note. The Sierra comes out on top as the best value for the price between the two when taking performance into consideration. But then again one could say that the large assortment of sizes of table tops is again a huge compensation point on the side of Worktrainer.com for sure. Making it a great and interesting retailer to look at for your standing desk needs. 

OKA.be (OKA Office Furniture)

OKA Office Furniture is the largest retailer on this list for Belgium. We can see on their site that they offer a huge assortment for Office Furniture. Unlike the other ones reviewed so far who specialize mainly in standing desks and their respective accessories, OKA has it all. From office chairs, reception desks, storage furniture etc. So this is a great plus if you are looking to buy some more items especially for your workplace set up. Of course they also have standing desks in different configurations of which there are many! See below the hand cranked models and the ones with a lift motor in them. They are significantly more expensive than the desks from the other reviewed retailers; it has to be noted. A starting price of 834 euro for an KFLEX is steep compared to Fintest’s Sierra with a starting price of 599 euro.

What is a huge plus of OKA is that they offer assembly of their products on the spot as only ones which for some may be an important point of which they would gladly make use of. 


As mentioned in the last blog, Fitnest.eu is an established online retailer originally from the Netherlands. With an outstanding quality and customer service it has many great reviews and customer feedback. Read many of the great reviews here: It is an online webshop with an assortment of various ergonomically responsible products for your office needs. Fitnest.eu takes health and ergonomic furniture seriously. And when compared as we saw to the other retailers. They are currently offering the best bang for your buck by far. Considering the capabilities of the desks they sell and performance for a relatively more attractive price!

You can pay by various methods like: Paypal, iDeal, SOFORT, Bancontact, Apple Pay, EPS, Giropay, Belfius Direct Net, Bank Transfer, ING Home’Pay, KBC/CBC. Which is an excellent broad spectrum of payment methods for EU-citizens. 

We hope that we have broadened your spectrum a bit concerning extra options when it comes to buying a standing desk if you’re from Belgium!

Information about Royal-office.com is taken from Royay-Office’s link

Information about Worktrainer.com is found at Worktrainer’s link

Information about OKA.be is found at  Oka Office Furniture’s link 

Information about Fitnest.eu is found at Fitnest.eu’s link

Disclaimer: Even though we own Fitnest brand, our blog posts are not meant for advertising purposes or misrepresentation of any brands. We respect and appreciate our competition. Through the articles in this blog, we hope to provide our readers with more in-depth insights, which hopefully contribute positively to your buying process. Our ultimate goal is to raise awareness and improve everyone’ ergonomic health.

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