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Buying a standing desk in Luxembourg

So you are looking to purchase a standing desk in Luxembourg? Where to start? What to look out for? There are many customization options out there. Different models. Different sizes and colors. And of course most importantly different vendors and retailers. What are the similarities? What are the ups and downs? Of course it is of utmost importance to know what you are going to mount on the desk to determine what fits you best. Follow through with reading to find out all of the above and more about buying a standing desk in Luxembourg.

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In our buying guides we look at what the main options are in your country. What the details are about delivery, options, availability and many more interesting criteria. This week’s pick of countries is Luxembourg! So especially for the Luxembourgers between us this is going to be an interesting blog!

Main options for Luxembourgers

When we tick in on google the word: ‘standing desk’ as this is what we are looking for in the first place. We can see 4 sellers clearly coming up on top first in the searches: Fully.com , Ikea.com , Vari.com and Fitnest.eu. We consider these your main 4 options and we will review all four of them looking at various aspects of each seller. For you to be able to decide better which one you’d like to choose your desk from.


Fully.com has some very well built and environmentally aware products. Made for instance out of bamboo and other wood that has been attained in a sustainable way. Which is always a big plus. Right away when ordering you can instantly customize your table. You can see the color scheme you chose before placing the definitive order. Which is very useful for visualization reasons. Also there are an incredible amount of frames for sale and a good amount of top desk colors so customization ways Fully is on a good track! Delivery is free but the time frame when you deliver will arrive is not available to view right away because it probably depends on some variables. But one can find out when placing the necessary order. A very clear designated page exists for the accessories which are beneficial when personalizing your desk.

Link: Fully.com Link: https://www.fully.com/nl-eu/accessoires.html

At Fully’s fortunately it is possible to pay in following various ways: iDeal , Bancontact, Klarna, Mastercard, Visa & American Express


Image: Ikea.com/be/fr Link: https://www.ikea.com/be/fr/search/products/?q=bureau%20assis%20debout

Well to our surprise we found out that there is no designated shop to visit in Luxembourg from Ikea. But as the Luxembourgers reading this know, there is a specially built Ikea in Arlon which is very close to Luxembourg right on the border with Belgium. Also we noticed that Ikea has by far the largest assortiment online which is extremely beneficial when making a choice between all of the sizes and colors available. But as we have to say Ikea is currently known as the cheapest of the 4 we’re going to analyze. And many individuals are going to look very critical at price so that is good to know. (Although their premium models are more expensive than the Fitnest ones which have superior or the same functions). A chat option is always available on the site for a chat with an employee and it works relatively fast. The only downside concerning customer service is that it is quite difficult to find a number that you can ring right away to ask. 

On the other side one could also note as a positive that ikea.com sells a lot of other furniture which one could place in cohesion with their standing desk. This creates the opportunity to create a certain esthetic look in the room as wished for by the customer. (This is also possible at Burotrend, to a much lesser extend at Fully.com) 

Payment option wise, ikea.com offers the basic payment methods: iDeal , Visa, Mastercard, American Express , Paypal , Ikea Gift Card , Klarna for multiple payment terms. 

We do have to notice that Ikea charges €59,95,- service costs for a first floor only delivery while for example Fitnest.eu offers free tracked shipping. 


Burotrend.lu is currently the only Luxembourg-native business on our list. This makes it pretty unique for our readers from Luxembourg because they can actually go and visit their location: the address is: 20 Rue Edmond Reuter, L-5326 Contern

ZAE Weiergewan. So this is the only store you can visit on Luxembourgish soil of the 4 reviewed. With the other 3 sites this won’t be the case, the popular Ikea in Arlen near Luxembourg is an exemption but it’s outside of the country. 

See see that the assortiment is interesting, mainly US brands are offered on the Burotrend websites. and no actual prices are available for the standing desks. When interested you will have to contact Burotrend personally by mail or phone for the necessary pricing information about your desk you might like. It has to be mentioned that their standing desks: ergonomic workstations (which they actually are both are correct). And to be honest it looks from their site they are more busy with office solutions and tailor made solutions to individual customers. Not as the other ones who are mainly optimized for individual sale. 

Image: Burotrend.lu Link: https://www.burotrend.lu/en/products/workstations

Burotrend offers delivery and assembly options. Which makes it very interesting for customers to do business with them when offering more than 1 desk, or if you don’t have the will / time to install your desk yourself. But at the advertisement of the workstations / desks it does not say how much a regular delivery takes. Probably because it depends on many variables and they’re not able to say at the ad right away. So that’s why the delivery times are not able to be compared right now.

The text on the burotrend site promises good things. Concerning the great customerfeedback even after installation. 

But what we like is that they have a Bargain corner with promotions and where you can get second hand display models for a more attractive price. So for the bargain seekers between us this is a fun little page to check out now and then!

Image: Burotrend Link: https://www.burotrend.lu/en/promotion-corner?goodDeals=1


Another viable option for people looking for a standing desk in Luxemburg, is Fitnest.eu.

Fitnest.eu has become one of the most up and coming standing-desk platforms in a short time in Western-Europe. With an outstanding quality and customer service it has many great reviews and customer feedback. Read many of the great reviews here: It is an online webshop with an assortment of various ergonomically responsible products for your office needs. Fitnest.eu takes health and ergonomical furniture serious. Looking at their assortment they have the basic but also very unique products available like the “Ross Desk Bike’’. 

Fitnest also offers free shipping to: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Luxembourg. There are many colours options for the frames and sized for the table tops. So you can customize your standing desk exactly as it works best for you! Also there is an broad choice of appropriate seating for the perfect ergonomic set-up in your office. You can pick appropriate accessories for your standing desk also on the Fitnest site. 

You can pay by various methods like: Paypal, iDeal, SOFORT, Bancontact, Apple Pay, EPS, Giropay, Belfius Direct Net, Bank Transfer, ING Home’Pay, KBC/CBC. Which is a excellent broad spectrum of payment methods for EU-citizens.

We hope that we have broadened your spectrum a bit concerning extra options when it comes to buying a standing desk if you’re from Luxembourg!

Information about Fully.com is taken from Fully.com’s link

Information about Ikea.com is found at Ikea.com’s link

Information about Burotrend.lu is found at Burotrend.lu’s link

Information about Fitnest.eu is found at Fitnest.eu’s link

Disclaimer: Even though we own Fitnest brand, our blog posts are not meant for advertising purposes or misrepresentation of any brands. We respect and appreciate our competition. Through the articles in this blog, we hope to provide our readers with more in-depth insights, which hopefully contribute positively to your buying process. Our ultimate goal is to raise awareness and improve everyone’ ergonomic health.

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