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how to prevent back pain because of a standing desk

Can a standing desk help with back pain?

Can a standing desk help with back pain? Yes and no. It depends on the causes of your back pain: a sedentary lifestyle with bad posture, or as a result of injuries, or some other reasons, etc. A standing desk help you aware of your posture, get you on your feet, so you can move around more. It could help, but not a cure for back pain. 

Can you get and how to prevent back pain because of a standing desk?

can you get and how to prevent back pain
Having a lower back pain is the most common complaint when working at a standing desk.

Having a lower back pain is the most common complaint when working at a standing desk. If you have any health issues with your back, you should be cautious and consult your doctor. If you have just bought a standing desk, you should pay attention to the amount of time you spend at it. An adjustable desk gives you an option to work in a standing and a sitting position. However, do not be obsessed with standing as eventually you have a chance of having back pain because of a standing desk.


How can a standing desk help with back pain?

1. Change Posture

changing posture standing desk
Switching between sitting and standing positions while working at a standing desk prevents back pain.

Sitting or standing positions at a standing desk for many hours without any movements can lead to back pain. Try to combine both sitting and standing and be careful with time. Have you checked out our article about the recommended time for sitting and standing?




2. Adjust The Height

adjust the height standing desk
Adjusting the height of your keyboard, laptop, mouse and other accessories will help you prevent back pain.

Back pain may occur when your desk, computer or keyboard are located either too close or too far away from you. It may seem to be comfortable for you at the beginning but in a few days or weeks you may experience back pain. Try to adjust your desk when both working standing and sitting at a comfortable height. Your eyes should be 50-100 cm away from the screen and your elbows should be at the same level as your keyboard with an angle of 90 degrees from your body.



3. An Alternative Way to How to Prevent Back Pain Because of A Standing Desk: Get Accessories

accessories standing desk
Having some standing desk accessories for your feet and ankles will help you increase productivity.

Standing and sitting for long hours is not fun. If you do not want to lose your productivity quickly, you need to get some accessories for your ankles and feet. When sitting, you can put a small chair below your ankles and straighten your legs so the blood vessels get enough oxygen and your legs do not get numb. Try to get some foot rollers or a foot mat when you stand so your legs can also relax. If you want to know some more tips on accessories for your standing desk, read our article.



4. Take Care of Your Time

standing desk take care of time
Mixing sitting and standing when working at a standing desk is the best for your health and productivity.

This is an important issue. You cannot spend time working only sitting and standing. Try to mix sitting and standing activities. Also try to move during the day. What will happen if you do not take care of your time? You will have serious health issues, for example, a severe and sudden back pain because of a standing desk.



5. Take Care of Your Back

back pain standing desk
Going to the swimming pool, getting a massage or doing some yoga is always good for your back.

Do not stress and try to do something good for your back. Go to the swimming pool, get some massage or do some yoga. Your back needs to relax no matter how much time you stand or sit. Pay attention to your back and it will be thankful to you in the future.







A standing desk can bring you back pain if you do not care about some issues like your ergonomics, time or the ways to relax your legs and back. Perhaps it is a good idea for you to read this checklist before deciding your standing desk purchase decision.


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