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Can a standing desk help you lose weight?

Can a standing desk help you lose weight? We are sure this question is very popular, especially, for the majority of female owners of standing desks.  Today you will get to know many interesting facts! Are you excited?!

Can a standing desk help you lose weight?

Lose weight standing desk
Working at a standing desk can help you lose some calories.

Do not expect wonders from working at a standing desk. Yes, standing desks have a bunch of advantages, and they will change your office life significantly. However, if you eat donuts, drink coke, losing weight at a standing desk is going to be tough. Unfortunately, losing weight is not easy!sad However, a standing desk helps you lose a bit of weight. It is not just a desk itself but the way you work at it. Some studies show that on average people lose 0.1 calories per minute when standing. An interesting fact: men lose more calories when standing than women. Why so? Males have more muscle mass than females. Do not take us wrong, ladies, you also lose weight but a bit less. 😉



Lowering blood glucose and other 2 benefits of standing desk

Lose weight standing desk
Glucose and body fat levels get lower when you stand.

Coming back to the main question: Can a standing desk help you lose weight? Yes, it can! Working at a standing desk will not let you gain weight and help you lose it.  Now you probably got very curious and you want to know how? There are several ways.

Your blood glucose and body fat levels get lower when you stand. What is the connection to weight loss? Blood glucose influences the speed of gaining weight. The more activities you do during the day, the lower your glucose level is. From this perspective, standing is better than sitting. The secret is simple: your glucose level gets lower when you stand.

However, please, do not forget to combine sitting and standing activities while working at a standing desk. Using one way of working can have bad consequences in a long-term perspective so be careful!

metabolism sitting
A standing desk can boost your metabolism.

Another amazing benefit of working at standing desk is a boost of metabolism. Why is it important for your weight? Metabolism is a bunch of chemical processes that happen in a human body. Sometimes there are some changes in the body, and your metabolism gets lower. Sometimes it just happens and you cannot control it! 

There are many factors that influence metabolism and one of them is amount of movements. The more you move during the day, the faster your metabolism is. What does it give to you in terms of weight? The better your metabolism is, the faster all the chemical processes in your body happen and, as a consequence, the less fat you gain.

The same story happens with obesity. The more physical activities you do, the less chance of getting obesity you have. Obesity does not require a huge amount of chips, coke and candies. It can happen to anyone so take care! So can a standing desk help you lose weight? Yes but you should also make some efforts and be realistic about the results. If you want to know more about positive effects of standing desks, read this article. Stay tuned and take care of your health! Very soon we will share more fascinating stories with you! smiley


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