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Checklist: Choosing a standing desk

Are you thinking of getting a standing desk for your home or office? It is a good idea since a standing desk has a lot of advantages. In our previous article, we told you about theΒ positive effects of a standing desk on your productivity and health. However, you may have a lot of questions and doubts about choosing a standing desk for your home or office. There are so many of them and you can just get lost!Β  Do not feel lost! In this article we will share with you some practical tips on choosing a standing desk for your home or your office.Β 

How To Choose a Standing Desk?

Standing desk is a tangible object. Before buying any tangible object, you need to compare all the options and then make your purchase decision. That sounds easy but many wanna-be a standing desk owners have many questions. A standing desk is not cheap, so you need to be very careful and think twice before buying one. Today we are going to share with you a list of most important criteria for choosing a standing desk.

1. Adjustment and its speed

adjustment standing desk
Adjustment and its speed are important factors when choosing an appropriate standing desk.

A standing desk allows you to work while sitting and standing. For changing the position of a standing desk, you need to adjust it. Of course, you want to do it easily and quickly. Try to count how often you are going to adjust a standing desk. Depending on the amount of people working at the same desk, you can choose the optimal standing desk with an appropriate adjustment mechanism. There are two options: a manual one of an electric one. With a manual one, you will need to adjust your desk yourself. You will be able to do it quickly but in order to be on the safe side, you will need to make your desk empty. With an electric mechanic of adjustment, you can leave your belongings on the table but the process of adjustment is very slow. You should also carefully read all the weight allowances and check the position of your things at the desk as some on them may fall down or be damaged.

2. Noise

Some standing desks produce more noise than the others.

Depending on the adjustment mechanism and the frequency of changes in working positions, you should take into a close consideration the noise a standing desk is producing while adjusting. With a manual mechanism, the noise will be not loud and almost not hearable. An electric mechanism will produce some noises and if you are not working alone in the office or if your coworkers do not listen to music or just have good ears, think twice about an electric adjustment mechanism.


3. Space requirements and measurements

space office
Having enough space at your standing desk and in your office is an important criteria when choosing a standing desk.

Standing desks vary in sizes. Some standing desks are small and are good for a small room. The others are super big and you will need a huge spacious office for them. Even though this information seems to be obvious, many people completely forget about this as they order their standing desk online. Do not be lazy and take a portable ruler and measure the sizes of the desk in your office or at home. Also think of the amount of objects you want to put on your desk. Some people like to work with a lot of space while some need pictures of their family and friends, flowers together with foods and drinks.

4. Material

material wood
Thickness and sturdiness of wood are important when choosing a standing desk.

Your standing desk will be made of wood. Not all types of wood are the same so you need to pay a close attention to thickness and sturdiness of wood, depending on the amount of objects you are planning to have on you standing desk.





5. Cost

Prices for standing desks may vary, depending on the material, warranty, speed and adjustment.

Standing desks vary in prices. Take into consideration all the criteria we mentioned above, and choose a few desks from different shops. Pay attention to warranty. The longer it is, the higher the price of your standing desk will be.Β Do not try to save money on your standing desk as in the long run it may have a bad effect on your health and productivity.


Choosing a standing desk can be an exciting activity. A combination of your needs, desires and opportunities together with all the criteria we mentioned above, will help you chose the best standing desk.

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