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Customer Reviews

100+ Happy Customers

100+ Happy Customers

Since founded in 2019, we have provided the standup experience to 100+ happy customers.

20+ Countries in Europe

20+ Countries in Europe

We ship to 20+ countries in Europe. Express shipping to some (some less express), but all with ❤️ & care.

Customer Review
“After using a standing desk at work, I wanted to get in on the action at home too and researched several of them. I ended up picking this one up for their super friendly and professional customer support. I am very happy with the product:)”
Jurre - Netherlands 🇳🇱-Sierra Pro Frame Owner
Been using my Sierra daily for 3 months and cannot be happier.  Totally forgot to review it, I just got busy with work! It takes me some time to get used to, but once it becomes a habit to stand once in a while, it improves my energy level a lot. Highly recommended, shipping to my flat was done in less than 4 days.”
Nikolay - Bulgaria 🇧🇬-Sierra Pro Desk Owner
“What caught my eye was the price to feature ratio which i found best during my research of the sit/stand desks… So there was no hesitation to book the desk! Communication from Carlos was awesome, always keeping me informed of the status until the desk reached my home. There was ofcourse a mix up with table top, but that was also addressed immediately and handled to my utmost delight.

What surprised me the most is the ease with which i could setup the desk…it was a piece of cake! Overall top desk and top support! Thanks!”

Riyaz - Netherlands 🇳🇱-Sierra Pro Desk Owner
“This desk is an exceptional design because of its simplicity and durable materials. Some assembly is required of course as it comes shipped in 2 boxes with the base in one and the desktop in the other. That said, I assembled it myself. I am fairly handy and it took me less than an hour.
Jacques - France 🇫🇷-Sierra Pro Desk Owner
fitnest sierra standing desk customer review
“I got this frame to convert a narrow (90cm) desk that I already had into a standing desk. The frame is easy to assemble and the mechanism works reliably.

The shipping got a bit delayed because of coronavirus, but fitnest kept communication clear at all moments and it arrived within a reasonable time.

I’m happy with the product, and even more with the company.”

Alejandro - Netherlands 🇳🇱-Sierra Pro Starter Owner
“Since the lockdown, I have to work from home. We have a standing desk at work, so I want to look for an affordable but good-quality standing desk to use at home. After browsing through a couple options, I choose to buy from Fitnest because I was convinced by their friendly and smart customer service. I did not regret and would definitely recommend this desk to anyone thinking about the sit-stand option.”
Leonnie - Netherlands 🇳🇱-Sierra Pro Starter Owner
“Table arrived on time, the instructions were clear and I did not get confused while assembling it. After 2 weeks of using the table on a daily basis I cannot believe I did not switch earlier. The ‘standup’ reminder also works very well for me. Set it up for working 30 minutes standing and 30 minutes sitting. It works very well for me. Already recommended a few friends to check it out and they love it too! Bye back pain!
Carlos - Portugal 🇵🇹-Sierra Pro Desk Owner
“This desk is an amazing deal for the cost. It’s well made, unbelievably sturdy, and I love that you just push a button to move it up or down. The memory buttons are great as well – I have one programmed for standing, leaning on my standing desk stool, and sitting on the lowered stool.”
Anon - Austria 🇦🇹-Sierra Pro Desk Owner
“This desk is great. The instructions are straight forward. Every part is labeled in the instructions with a name, picture, and corresponding letter. The instructions list out the name and corresponding letter as well as show a detailed picture of the task you are performing. The parts themselves come labeled in a bag with the name and corresponding letter.”
Arthur - Belgium 🇧🇪-Sierra Pro Desk Owner

I just assembled the desk and it is more amazing than I imagined—really solid construction, fast and quiet motor, high-quality materials, and best of all, makes such a difference to my working experience.

Not only do you have a great product but your customer service is really excellent. I love your enthusiasm, friendliness, and helpfulness.

Wishing you fabulous success with countless more happy customers.

Below is a small pic of my desk setup. I put it lengthwise as I like to have my laptop in front of my monitor and also stretch my arm out on the desk to type.”

Lauren - Netherlands 🇳🇱-Sierra Pro Desk Owner
“Don’t get a cheap crank desk. This one is worth the money.👍🏻”
Christine - Germany 🇩🇪-Sierra Starter Frame Owner
“I’m very satisfied so far with this desk. I’ve used a couple of electric sit-stand desks that were more expensive and so far have found this one to be as good or better for the money: solidly built, stable, quiet, easy to assemble, and pleasing to look at.”
Antonio - Italy 🇮🇹-Sierra Pro Starter Owner
Tom with Fitnest Sierra Frame
“I have been looking for a standing desk shop in Europe for a while now, got in touch with other companies but Fitnest’s team and customer support sold them for me. Very clear communication, great shipping options (tracking code for the desk is very handy) and the desk is of great quality. It was easy to assemble, very happy with it. Thanks guys! Cant wait until you add a few more accessories to the shop!”
Tom - Netherlands 🇳🇱-Sierra Pro Frame Owner
“I have two monitors, two laptops, a docking station, keyboard, mouse, on my desk and the up/down movement is swift, smooth, and easy. Also, I have plenty of room to work. I researched sit/stand desks a bunch and all of the comments about the outstanding customer service sold me on this one. I think that’s really important. I had one question before I committed to buy and I submitted it on a Sunday. Within hours I had an answer! On a Sunday!
Hendrik - Netherlands 🇳🇱-Sierra Desk Pro Owner

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