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DIY corner: Can I attach different table tops to Sierra Frames?

A question we have received a lot from our customers is: can I attach different table tops to Sierra Frames?

Some reasons why you want a DIY electric standing desk:

  • You already have a tabletop you like, you just need a frame with high-quality electric motors
  • You want a bigger/smaller tabletop size than our current 140cm x 70cm offer
  • You want a special shape tabletop: corner/L-shape, round, quarter round, crescent, oval, etc.
  • You want special tabletop materials: solid wood, etc.
  • You want to feel the joy of building your own workstation
  • etc.

What tabletops to attach to Sierra Frames?

Perhaps, you already have a preference in mind when you reach this article. We may not be able to give you the best advice but only from experience.

In the past, some customers of ours in the Netherlands have successfully assembled Sierra frames with tabletops from the construction market (‘bouwmarkt tafelblad’ in Dutch). This would, however, require wood treatment before use.

Good to know, to aid desk height movement, a sturdy attachment method is recommended. Therefore, the tabletop of your choice should be able to adhere to that sturdy attachment, e.i., drilling, etc. The total weight (tabletop + objects placed above) should not exceed frame lift capacity.

You can always consult us first before purchasing, we will hit up our team to give you the best advice.

Which Sierra Frame to choose?

Fitnest offers Sierra Pro Frame and Sierra Starter Frame (which are used for the correspondent desk models). We recommend you choose Frames based on how much space you have and how heavy-duty the motors you want (this affects height adjustment range).

Consider the following:

Step 1: Measure the space you have

Step 2: Check and compare the specifications of Sierra Frame Starter and Sierra Frame Pro. In particular:

  • Width adjustment range
  • Height Adjustment Range
  • Motor Strength (Starter has single-motor, Pro has dual-motor)
  • Lift capacity

How can you attach your own tabletop to the Sierra Frames?

Depending on the material of your desk, below is an example instruction to attach a solid wood tabletop.Β 


Step 1: Place the tabletop on the ground and place the frame on it upside down

Step 2: Drill the screws (comes with the package) through the openings in the frame into the tabletop*. Attention: the screws come with the package are made for 25mm thick tabletops, you need to use shorter/longer screws depending on your tabletop thickness.


*Sierra Frames come with pre-drill holes as seen in the manual screenshot below.


A screenshot from Sierra Pro Manual. Check the full manual here.


Disclaimer: This is a recommendation only. Fitnest EU is not responsible for any errors happening to your tabletops.


Example of a DIY tabletop with Sierra Frame Pro

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