Fitnest Puente – Dual Monitor Arm

Fitnest Puente – Dual Monitor Arms offer a versatile solution for any customer in the market for reliable monitor mount/arm. It is a simple but elegant solution for any work station with a dual monitor setup. The clean and stylish design makes it the perfect match for any tabletop style of your choice.

  • Dual Arms (10 kg load capacity per arm)
  • 360° rotatable, 180° swivable & inclination of -90° / +90°
  • Gas springs (adjustable gas spring tension)
  • Mounting system: VESA 75×75 mm and 100×100 mm
  • 5-year warranty
  • Seamless movement without jitter or noise

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✓ Free shipping NL, BE, DE

✓ 5-year warranty

✓ Simple design

✓ 360° movement

Elegant, Powerful, Reliable

High quality & 5 year warranty

The Fitnest Puente – Monitor Dual Arm is of a standard you’re used to with other Fitnest products. Our mounts are equipped with gas springs instead of mechanical springs and can be adjusted to your needs continuously without any jitter or noise. The premium gas springs have passed movement tests of 20.000 cycles, which garantuees trouble-free movement of at least 5 years (10 movements a day) Concealed wiring keeps your desk tidy and clean.

Fully adjustable

With the Fitnest Puente – Dual Monitor Arm you are able to easily move your 13″ – 27″ monitors around your table top. With an inclination of + 90 ° / -90 °, swiveling 180 ° and rotating 360 ° the arms have extreme flexibility. They have a arm extension length of 43 cm and are height adjustable to create optimal viewing angles. Ideal for multitaskers, designers, programmers and gamers alike.

Multiple mounting options:

The Dual Monitor arms come with a C-clamp and grommet mounting kit. You are able to attach the monitor arm (max. table thickness: 10 cm – min. 1cm) to your desktop with the C-clamp or use floor mounting for desks with a drilled hole.


  • Movement: 360° rotatable, 180° swivable & inclination of -90° / +90°
  • Operation: Gas springs (adjustable gas spring tension)
  • Mounting system: VESA 75×75 mm and 100×100 mm
  • Load capacity: 10 kg per arm
  • Horizontal range: 43 cm

The dimensions of Fitnest Puente – Dual Monitor Arms are as followed:

Monitor Arms:

  • Horizontal range: 43 cm

Installation and assembly guide for Fitnest Puente – Dual Monitor Arm

Download PDF

Monitor Arm:

  • Stainless steel
  • Durable plastic

All frames and table tops are compliant under IEC ( or International Electrotechnical Commission ) in CB scheme.

5 years warranty on all frame, mechanical, and electrical components.

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We always aim for having the fastest shipping as possible. After an order, we typically ship 24-48 hours after the purchase is successful. Our shipping partner (GLS) picks our orders and gives us a tracking code (which we will share with you via email) to see their exact arrival date/time to your delivery address. *Depending on the location of your purchase this can take from a day to a few days.

You can always reach us via mail to or via our chat widget (the blue chat icon on the bottom right of the screen). In the near future we will be opening a call line for you to get in touch with us even faster!

We do our utmost best to cover all potential scenarios and common errors when installing the tables. Even though they are very simple in set-up, confusion can happen. If you encounter an issue, please feel free to chat with us or mail us, we will take the proper time to instruct you on how to use your Fitnest Sierra the best way possible. You can easily download the instructions brochure for the Fitnest Sierra Electric Standing Desk (Starter Model) here.

Ultimately, we are responsible for everything. We have carefully selected a delivery partner for Europe and have high hopes of their service delivery. If you are unhappy with a delivery, please contact us. Chances are that we will open a conversation with our delivery partner, we will keep you informed on every step of the process if an issue with shipping happened. (Which we sincerely hope never happens!)

That’s a great question! At this moment, our desks should operate independently. So, no need to merge them into a big, large standing desk. However, if this is a need for you keep an eye on our product catalog as we might end up introducing L shaped standing desks, meeting room standing desks (for 8 people) and dual desk solutions.

By all means you can attach practically any table top if it is compatible with our desks (width, height, weight). If you’re planning on getting a loose desk top we recommend you to check out our Fitnest Sierra Frame (either the Sierra Frame Pro or Sierra Frame Starter should work perfectly for this!)

Very specific question, we love it! You can find our manual here for the exact specifications, moreover, we put this handy image here for you to know it.

Our frame’s length can extend laterally from 110cm to 180 cm ( Fitnest Sierra Frame Pro model ) or 85cm to 129cm ( Fitnest Sierra Frame Starter model )! You can adjust it to your preferred length!

You can do whatever you want with the desk! Please do mind that altering the color by painting or spray painting might damage the engine or certain electrical mechanisms, for which we would have to void the warranty of the product. However, if you still choose to do it, please send us a picture to our instagram to be featured!

The most common problem when moving the desk up and down is not related to the desk but related to the devices that you place on top of it. If you have any short cables connected to devices that might put resistance on the motor you will notice it.

Yes, it is possible to get a different tabletop and adjust it to the frame. If you buy a pre-made table top things might be easier to install, if you’re a DIYer and will create your own table top just make sure to take proper measurements for the placement of the table top!

The Fitnest Sierra Electric Standing Desk (Pro Model) can load up to 125kg in weight (That’s the weight of an adult Tiger!) We think that this is more than sufficient for the modern workspace. If this is too much power for you, you can always consider ordering our Starter Model (which can load up to 70kg).

Weight limit includes the tabletop, correct. If you chose to put a very heavy material on top as a table top, please consider that the load capacity will decrease by the total weight of the table top you chose.

You can put as many as you want, as long as their cumulative weight does not exceed the maximum load capacity of the motor (125kg or 70kg). The Sierra Electric Standing Desk (Pro Model) motor load capacity is 125kg. And the Sierra Electric Standing Desk (Starter Model) can load 70kg.

We are a Dutch based company (Netherlands) so, we include shipping costs on our purchase price. Meaning that, for The Netherlands we have free shipping. For sales outside The Netherlands you will have to go through our checkout process to get the exact rates.

Our table tops are 25 mm in thickness. So 25 mm is the recommended thickness for the table frame.

There are two fundamental differences with the starter model and the pro model. They are mostly related to lift capacity as well as controls for height adjustment. The pro model can lift more weight (ideal for dual monitor setups) and has a preset memory to remember your favourite height positions. The starter model has a simple ‘up and down’ button that can let you adjust the height. So, in short, single motor (starter) has less lift power and less advanced controls than the pro model.

Your desk will be shipped in two different packages. One box for the frame and one box for the top. *Only if you purchase Fitnest Sierra Standing Desk Starter model (full desk) or Fitnest Sierra Standing Desk Pro model (full desk).