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Great snacks and power foods you should definitely have at the office part II

Many thanks to our readers. Our successful first blog covering the best and most tasty snacks and power foods for the office was received with great enthusiasm and success! So we decided to do another one! We will discover even more interesting brain stimulating and tasty foods. Which you can consume for optimal performance. And ofcourse for that energy boost and satisfied belly feeling you need to get work done properly throughout the day!


Turmeric has been known in Indian and Eastern-societies as a miracle root for millenia. It even has traditional spiritual uses, but we are at the moment mostly interested in the bodily benefits it offers. Turmeric is considered a natural medicine against depression, digestive issues and amazingly has shown to lower cholesterol. Some outlets even claim it has a preventive effect against cancer and Alzheimers! 

Recently there has been some intensive research about turmeric. But most importantly about the compound curcumin which turmeric contains. This has scientifically been proven to be a potent natural anti-inflammatory agent. Personally I have noticed a very soothing effect when I drink tea with turmeric on my stomach and organs in general. It gives your tea an even more soothing and comforting feeling. 

Combined with the healthy benefits and positive feeling it gives you when drinking it, we donโ€™t see why one should not try this wonder root. We strongly advise you to start drinking your teas with some turmeric and have a jar with a spoon at the office so all your colleagues can have a go at it! It might taste a bit bitter at the start, but there is also turmeric in pill form so you can get a jar of it and leave it in the office cabinet for everyone to take after lunch if that works better for you and your team.

Dark Chocolate

Now the folks among us with a sweet tooth will surely appreciate this one. Dark chocolate! Yummy. Besides tasting delicious, dark chocolate is actually the most healthy option you can choose concerning sweets and chocolates.

It has a much higher cocoa level than for instance milk chocolate and white chocolate and the healthy benefits are much more present with dark chocolate. It has a much higher percentage of flavonoids, flavonoids are natural in plants occuring antioxidants. Which fight inflammation and have a positive effect on the brain as flavonoids are known to gather at the brain area which is responsible for memory and focus. It stimulates this brain area accordingly resulting in a focus boost we all so desperately need at the office sometimes. 

Pro tip: Have a black coffee and a piece of dark chocolate before a big meeting or performance, itโ€™ll help you focus better and it makes you feel energized. 

There are several researches online comparing individuals who eat dark chocolate and work to people who eat other foods. And it has shown that the productivity has been larger with those who consumed the chocolate. They had a better attention and focus score compared to others eating regular crackers etc. 

For instance, Northern Arizona University has found out that students and teachers have a greater attention span than students who do not consume dark chocolate. You could use this research to convince your boss to keep a regular stack of dark chocolate in the office! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Not only is this my favorite fruit. But it is also one of the most universally liked fruits around. So you wonโ€™t have to worry that they will be laying around for too long.

Because letโ€™s be honest. Who wouldnโ€™t like a nice cold orange from the fridge after their lunch? It has a thick skin and when kept in plastic bags in the fridge, they can stay good for a month and even 12+ months if you freeze them, super practical!

But again, we are at the moment mostly interested in the health benefits of oranges. Did you know that a regular sized human can get all of his daily vitamin-C needs from one medium sized orange? We all know by now that vitamin-C is crucial for healthy brain function and for the immune system. But it has also proven to be crucial for protecting brain cells and assisting your brain to function properly during the natural aging process of the brain. It has shown that people with higher and healthy levels of vitamin-C have a better attention span, focus and general brain function.

So, you want to keep your brain and that of your co-workers healthy? Well itโ€™s easy peazy orange squeezy isnโ€™t it?


If you think about what an egg actually is. It is no wonder that it is containing so many macro and micro nutrients relative to its size! It is already well known to have relatively much protein inside for its weight. One large egg contains on average 6.3 grams of protein. Which is more than 10% of the daily advised protein intake of 60 grams (for a regularly sized person weighing 75 kg). So yeah a very easy and delicious way with many uses to get your protein and healthy fats in (yolk contains healthy fats). 

But what a lot of you probably did not know is that eggs contain a significant amount of vitamin B, vitamin B-12 and folic acid. Research has shown that these vitamins and acid are responsible for combating brain shrinkage and reducing cognitive brain function decline! And let’s be totally honest. Who wouldnโ€™t like to have a nice egg with their sandwich? Or perhaps bring your own bread and make an egg sandwich or whatever! It is a healthy hearty food with many functions and fits basically in every diet. 

Green tea

Well we all know someone who swears by green tea, or weโ€™ve seen it on tv. But is green tea all it is made to be? Reading the several researches online, yes it is!

Where to start with green tea? It has so many healthy compounds inside, that it has become notorious across the world from Japan to Europe, people enjoy it on a daily basis. But it has an extremely high content of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents.  And even has a beneficial effect against cancer. Weโ€™ve analyzed studies claiming this. Green tea has also been known for having bio-active compounds that stimulate your metabolism and can slightly increase your fat burning process. Thatโ€™s why it is used in many dietary supplements. And letโ€™s be honest, how easy is it to put a box of green tea at the office, for it to be available to your co-workers?! Weโ€™re out here making your life healthy and easy!

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