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How to convince your boss to get you a standing deskπŸ•΄πŸ»?

Have you ever thought of having a standing desk at the office? In our previous article we told you about a bunch of advantages of a standing desk. And today we will share with you a secret. Do you want to know how to convince your boss to get you a standing desk? Then this article is for you!

How To Convince Your Boss To Get You A Standing Desk?

1. Do not do it alone

team work
Doing things with coworkers is always easier than doing things on your own.
You may be brave and confident but the more people will be on your side, the more support your idea will get. You may know your boss very well and you may even be friends with him or her but still take some colleagues and friends with you when you make a conversation. Yes, you will need some support and when you lack factors or when you get too serious and start pressuring your boss, some other people around you will help you make an atmosphere less stressed. Of course, to make things go smooth, you can talk to your colleagues in advance and warn them about the conversation and ask them about additional arguments or about the way the conversation should go.

2. Get a standing desk for a trial

arguments standing desk
Using facts and arguments may help you convince your boss to get a standing desk.
How to convince your boss to get you a standing desk? Use arguments. Make a brand research, read about health and accessories for a standing desk and you will be prepared for a conversation with your boss. Getting a standing desk for a trial could be a good one since many companies offer free trials. When having a standing desk at the office you will have to show your boss how happy you are and how healthy you get! That means you and your coworkers will may need to exaggerate the effects of a standing desk. However, try to be natural and close to reality as possible. If your back hurts and you are telling lies to your boss how healthy it is for your back to stand, do not say anything at all! Be honest with yourself.

3. You get more exercise

accessories standing desk
Doing exercise leads to stress relief and loss of weight.
Yes, you do. When you mix work at a usual desk and at a standing desk, you do get more exercise when standing. Why so? You will not able to stand still at a standing desk! And you will have to make some movements from time to time. More exercise has many advantages. No one gives you a guarantee of losing 10 kgs in a week but there is a chance of losing some weight. If you want to know more about effects of standing desks and loss of weight, read our article about it. Exercise also leads to stress relief and you will get it as soon as you start working at a standing desk. Again – do not expect wonders from a standing desk. You should get enough sleep and eat well. However, getting more exercise will be another good argument if you want to know how to convince your boss to get you a standing desk.

4. Be active

make things happen
Be active: do some research, contact local suppliers, read online reviews, and it will help you convince your boss to get a standing desk for your office.
If the initiative of getting a standing desk comes from you, be active. Tell your boss you will make a small research to get the best standing desk of good quality and for a good price. Make a research on your own, with some colleagues or even with your boss and get the best one. Contact the suppliers and shops, read online reviews and ask questions. In the end, it is only you who knows your boss so you know what he/she likes, his/her features and triggers. Try to think for a bit and make a list of factors to convince your boss. Discuss it with your coworkers and make it like a strategy. Even if your boss is too skeptical, he/she will not eat you with the word “no”. 


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