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how to have fun using a standing desk

How To Have Fun Using a Standing Desk?

A standing desk seems to bring fun and joy! However, with some time you get used to it and all the positive emotions are left. In this article, we are going to tell you how to bring fun and joy back and spend unforgettable time with your standing desk.

How To Have Fun Using A Standing Desk?

having fun standing desk
Having fun at a standing desk is possible.

Having fun when using a standing desk can take time. Today we will tell you about maybe some weird and funny ways but try them out! We guarantee you will enjoy your time! 




1. Make a mini buffet or a bar at your standing desk

mini bar office
Setting a mini bar or a mini buffet is a good way to get inspired and have fun.

Of course, it depends on free space on your standing desk. You can also get inspired with our suggestions on setting up your workspace. However, you can always make it and organise a small buffet with candies and cookies or a mini bar with soft and non-soft drinks. Whenever you feel like taking something small, you can always pick it up from the desk. Is not it cute? 



2. Balance board

balance skateboard
Having a balance board or a skateboard can reduce stress in the office.

The second tip is to add an accessory. One of the things that we find the most interesting is balance board can be fun. When you feel tired working sitting or standing, just take a balance board and make some movements on it. It will bring you positive emotions, and you will like it! However, be careful and do not make quick movements. It may be dangerous!



3. A mat for your feet

mat standing desk
A mat helps your feet feel less tired.

When working standing at a standing desk, your feet get tired quickly so you need something to make them relax. You can get a mat for your feet and make them feel less tired. How to have fun using a standing desk?  Just buy some nice accessories for your feet!



4. A sit-stand chair

sit-stand chair
A sit-stand chair increases your productivity and helps you relax at the same time.

How to have fun using a standing desk? Get a sit-stand chair for your desk, and adjust it depending on the position you are working. A sit-stand chair will not just let you stand but you will also have a chance to sit and relax. Do not forget that a standing desk allows you to stand for some time. However, you need to pay attention to a sitting – standing ratio and you can read our guide on the appropriate sit and stand time



5. An alternative way how to have fun using a standing desk: add some board games

board games standing desk
Playing board games is a fun way to communicate with your coworkers.

Board games can be fun. Make a small break and instead of smoking or eating, connect with your coworkers in a fun way and play some games. This is just another way to have joy using a standing desk!






How to have fun with a standing desk? Get you some accessories like a mat for your feet, a sit-stand chair or a balance board. You can also get a minibar or a buffet and get fancy snacks or drinks together with your coworkers. Adding some board games also adds fun into your life and brings some joy!


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