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Illnesses linked to office work

Any job in the world has its upsides and downsides. It’s part of reality. From being exposed to the elements on an oil rig to experiencing permanent eye issues because of prolonged welding. Sitting in an office eight plus hours a day might be a much less risky endeavor indeed. But it also comes with its hidden risks. From chronic back pains for life to people falling down at their office due to a heart attack. Office work is warm and comfy but can also be stressful and exhausting. Read on to get to know about the illnesses that are linked to prolonged working at the office. 

Heart Disease 

It has become known throughout the decades that working long hours in an office set up can have detrimental health effects. The most alarming one and underestimated one in our mind is heart disease. Before going into the biological details first let’s think about it real frank. After waking up early to get prepared to go to work and working 8 long hours. After traveling home and taking care of errands. What is the chance that you’ll skip going to the gym? We hope you’re going. If that is the case: We’re proud of you. Good job, really. 

But for most people they will sit and relax home from their long day. Perhaps with a refreshing drink or a bowl of chips in front of the tv. Or whatever your ritual may be to unwind for a bit after a long day.  

And you can see that a crucial element of healthy daily exercise is missing in this cycle. Not exercising regularly and not moving a lot during your 8 hours of work are a slow recipe for disaster. And it is said combined with a bad diet to increase your risk of a heart attack by 67%. Let that sink in for a bit. I hope this alarming percentage has startled you. Because moving enough is necessary to keep your tikker working smooth and healthy. 

Standing up for 30 minutes after every hour sitting already halves that risk. Which is a good start. Hence the booming popularity of standing desks which makes standing and working a smooth walk. Standing during your workday consistently and having a healthy diet can do wonders for you. And we advise everyone to really try it. Of course there is no replacement for healthy exercise besides work. And we advise everyone to find a sport or way of working out that suits their personal interest. 

Harmful viruses and bacteria

We’ve all probably gone through it. Someone at the office has a cold and before you know it you’re infected too. That’s because bacteria wise an average office is 400 times dirtier than the average toilet. Think of all the different bacteria and viruses people carry with them. And put them all together in an office. Including the fact that a lot of people eat at their desks at the office. The tiny crumbs and remnants of food and drink that fall on your desks are delicious for hungry microbes. And being in relatively close proximity with each other means that you are prone to getting a virus infection from your colleagues. Having anti-bacterial wipes at the office to clean items is an easy way to prevent bacteria build-up.

Eyestrain and lower sperm count

Now this has to do with working behind a computer all of the time at the office. Eyestrain is the actual feeling like your eyes are burning from the non stop looking at your computer screen. People who have spent 8 plus hours or the whole night working behind their pc can relate. Imagine doing this for decades. It is going to irritate your eyes. And may even lead to headaches, dry eyes, sore eyes and increased stress levels.

For the individuals among us who prefer to work with their laptops on their lap we have an alarming message. Laptops tend to get hot when put on your lap. This increases the temperature near your scrotum area and has a negative affect on your sperm count. Pretty alarming and serious if you ask us. Take a break and don’t look at any screens for about 20 minutes when you feel that your eyes are starting to get irritated. And please for the love of god put that laptop on your desk instead of on your lap.

Obesity and depression

Sitting all day at the office not moving enough is a recipe for obesity. If you might be an enthusiast of all the fine foods the world has to offer. Chances are you are overeating at some times. This combined with the lack of exercise can lead to increase in fat and eventually obesity, An increase in weight and stress can lead to depression. Which can have a terrible toll on your performance. In some cases it has even led to workers staying home for years with a depression related burn out. The best way to prevent this is to uphold an active lifestyle. Exercising and upholding a healthy lifestyle in your private life and at the office is key. It is the absolute and most healthy way to prevent obesity and depression. This is a wake-up call to change your habits if you have been slouching. 


And last but not least: backaches. Sitting for prolonged periods of time and with bad posture is detrimental to your back. The muscles get weaker and the spine get overloaded when sitting incorrectly.

Think about it. Our ancestors were hunters and gatherers who were roaming looking for food. Walking around, running, jumping, crouching , kneeling non-stop etc. But never have they spent the majority of their days sitting behind desks. And that is now the case. We can tell that the human body is not designed for this based on all the chronic pains that people of people experience. You can get back, neck and head aches from sitting in a bad posture and not moving enough throughout the day.Β Buying a standing desk and strictly standing and sitting with good posture is a way to safeguard your back. Your back will thank you.

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