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🎧 Listen to these 10 best productivity podcasts in 2021

Do you want to be more productive? A few weeks ago we shared with you 10 best productivity blogs. Today we are more than happy to share 10 best productivity podcasts with you!

10 Best Productivity Podcasts

1. Eat Sleep Work Repeat

eat sleep work repeat podcast screenshot
Eat Sleep Work Repeat is the most popular productivity podcast.

This is the most popular productivity podcast! Topics are not quite usual. However, all of them somehow appear in lives of everyone. Some voice stories about long hours and loneliness, remote work, culture and happiness make you think more, get to know yourself more and be more productive. Eat Sleep Work Repeat Team has a very creative approach to their podcasts. They create cases with some influencers and CEOs. Stories about corporate cultures of famous brands will make you listen to this podcast channel more and more.

2. The Action Catalyst

The Action Catalyst Screenshot
The Action Catalyst podcast helps you uncover inspirations, overcome setbacks and focus on achieving goals in life.

These guys uncover inspirations, overcome setbacks and focus on achieving goals in life. The Action Catalyst guys make interviews on a variety of unusual but very interesting topics such as patience and kindness, motivation, confidence and integrity, development of mental toughness, inner peace and productivity and many more! In each of podcasts there are highlights so you can see interesting and funny citations from the podcast.

3. The 5 AM Miracle

the 5 am miracle podcast screenshot best productivity podcasts
The 5 AM Miracle podcast channel shares with you a lot of useful tips about productivity.

This podcast has very high rankings. And there is a reason for it. The idea is to bring productivity morning tips make your day great. The host, Jeff Sanders, has very interesting guest such as a weather meteorologist, some contemporary and extraordinary authors and CEOs. All of the guests have some international experience and interesting biographies. The topics of the podcast channel are quite fascinating such as everyday things that – what a surprise – influence your productivity! How to fix things you think are broken, how to be hungry and productive, how to sleep smarter or how to have no annual goal and still be productive? Listen to The 5 AM Miracle to get the answers! πŸ˜‰

4. Beyond the To-Do List

beyond the to do list screenshot
The Beyond the To-Do List show you how to live a meaningful life.

The motto of this blog is to live a meaningful life. The blog is quite old as it has been online since 2012. And, it is not directly about productivity but about psychological things. For example, saying no or using right words when writing content. How to make failures help you reach your goals? Do you want to make business not control your life? Or maybe you want to be a perfectionist without discipline? The Beyond the To-Do List is for you!

5. Extreme Productivity

extreme productivity podcast screenshot
The majority of podcasts from Extreme Productivity is about things you do not often hear.

This podcast channel promises to double your productivity. The creator is an American professor at Princeton University, a business owner and a New York Times bestselling author. Interestingly enough, the majority of podcasts is about things you do not often come across. For example, scheduling long-term goals on your calendar or the right way of taking notes. While some podcasts are about more general topics, they are also very engaging. The Extreme Productivity podcast channel will tell you how not to feel overwhelmed, how to focus in an open office, how to cure for procrastination or how to keep you remote workforce aligned and engaged.

6. The Accidential Creative

The Accidential Creative Podcast Screenshot
The Accidential Creative podcast channel has a very creative way to answer questions about productivity.

Having better ideas and thriving under pressure! This is what guys from The Accidential Creative want you to be! Sounds good not just when you read the headlines but also when you listen to the podcasts. Did you ever have a situation when you were saying something you did not expect to do in a meeting? Do you want to know 3 main principles for achieving your goals? Where is the border between ego and confidence? What are the types of workplace stress? Or how do you recover from a burnout? You will get very interesting answers from The Accidential Creative Team!

7. The Productivity Show

the productivity show podcast screenshot
The Productivity Show podcast channel tells you how to be more productive in situation you think productivity is not important.

This podcast is usual as it tells you about unusual things and productivity. And not just about your office or work! πŸ˜‰ How to be more productive when on a vacation?  How to become productive again? Can you start your productive day a night before? Do you want to know how to escape your email? How to be productive through illness and recovery? These questions are very interesting and may appear in everyone’s life at any point. You can find your answers here. πŸ˜‰

8. HBR IdeaCast

HBR IdeaCast screenshot
HBR IdeaCast offers very education topics to the audience.

This podcast channel comes from Harvard. And yes, it is not super nerdy. Topics that are discussed are not just very interesting but also super educating. How robots change job training, how to improve critical thinking at work, how having a rival improves your performance or how to cope with mid-career crisis. How much do you know about psychological safety at work? What about civility at workplace? Are you interested?

9. Organize Mindfully

organize mindfully list of podcasts screenshot
Topics offered by Organize Mindfully are dedicated to organisation of productivity of unusual everyday things.

This podcast is about the right way to organise things. The creators of the podcast channel do believe that organisation of the day and the way you deal with tiny every day things does have a great impact on your productivity. The podcasts are a bit unusual but very fascinating. Do you want to know how to finally find time to organise things? Or how to organise a new habit, your kitchen or your car? Then Organize Mindfully is the right channel for you!

10. ProdPod

the prodded podcast screenshot
The ProdPod has very short podcasts about productivity.

One of the best productivity podcasts! Personal product lessons for 2 minutes or less daily! Productivity in many aspects, mostly work-related. What is the connection between minimalism and personal productivity? Resilience and productivity? How to overcome undecision and constant distractions? Sounds fun? And yes, it takes you just a few minutes to get the answers and be inspired! πŸ˜‰

Conclusion: Best Productivity Podcasts

Today we have shared with you 10 best productivity podcasts. All of them are unique and have something inspiring for you! We hope you will enjoy listening to them, and they will be helpful for you in any possible way! πŸ˜‰

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  1. Love the list! I would include the podcast from Gimlet “Startup” not necessarily about productivity but also very inspiring!

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