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Impact of posture on your body and mind

By now we all probably know that your posture is of great importance to your body. Be it having a nicely shaped healthy back instead of a slouched bent over one. There are many more deeper effects of your posture on your body and mind when keeping a bad posture. We will enlighten you and elaborate on these effects to press the matter of good posture on to you!

Effects on your body

So we will start from the basics. A bad posture has the following visible negative effects on the body:

Rounded shoulders are created by a hunched forward stance for an extended period of time. It looks bad and can lead to back aches and shoulder aches. Even to a certain extent to more difficult breathing. The reason behind it being that when you slouch forward you put more pressure on your lungs. 

Muscle deterioration happens because a bad posture leads to fatigue of certain muscles. But at the same time other muscles are not being activated enough. This leads to the deeper supportive muscles being neglected and wasted away. With an imbalance in your supportive muscles as a consequence. The muscles also tighten because of this leading to less support on the right spots in your spine. This has a slowly detrimental effect on your general posture in the long run and worsens it. 

Nervous system feedback is a very interesting effect of bad posture for a longer period. Creating pressure on your nervous system from having a bad posture for too long creates concentration issues. Headaches and backaches are also a natural consequence of bad posture. Bad posture can also contribute significantly to bad sleep as the strain on your body can lead to falling asleep more difficult. And as we all know a bad night of sleep has a significant impact on your digestion and metabolism. So you could possibly also experience weight gain as a consequence of having bad posture throughout the day. Quite shocking all of the above isn’t it?

All of the above mentioned also has a negative effect on your self-confidence as you tend to be more fatigued because of these consequences in general. 

Effects on your mind

When one is sitting or standing with bad posture significant developments occur within the brain. What happens is that the bad posture is that it activates your inner stress center. This has to do again with the central nervous system sensing that there is an imbalance in the body. It translates this by letting your body feel more tired and unmotivated. 

Guy with fingers in his temples, showcasing frustration.

Mental health: What is an even more shocking discovery is that bad posture actually can add to developing mental issues. When sitting in a bad posture for a longer period you are creating a physical imbalance in your body as mentioned before. This imbalance is the reason why your mind might also feel β€˜off’ and unbalanced in your mind. This translates to a larger chance of becoming depressed and developing anxiety. For the people that might doubt this. Think about it yourself. If you dress well and walk with your chest up and in a good posture. You feel good don’t you?

So do we. And if you do the opposite with bad posture then the effects are similar. But in a negative way of course. So there you go. Are you feeling down, perhaps it has something to do with your posture? 

Creativity: This is also a very interesting one. As we know that sometimes when you’re in a quarrel we tend to stand up and march up and down. This actually helps blood flow to the brain and helps you make better decisions. Similarly, standing up or sitting in a proper position with right posture stimulates an open posture. And this open and correct posture has shown to increase the ability of fulfilling creative tasks. 

Hence together with a correct posture we really advise you to move a bit more during your work day. Go have a walk outside for 10 minutes. Walk to the coffee machine and get coffee for all your colleagues. Do whatever is necessary, just start moving more.  

Improvements you can make right away

Footwear: The effect that proper supportive shoes have on the body is amazing. They properly support your feet and especially the arch of your foot. This leads to less fatigue in your foot muscles. This in its turn propels you better when you walk and alleviates stress from your feet. Which according to the above mentioned bodily and mind effects makes you feel better and fitter in general. This is an easy and great start for everyone interested in being more ergonomic and healthy during office hours. 

Foam roller: Using a foam roller to decrease the tightness in your muscles across your body is a great start. Losing tightness and correct posture is a great way to turn the tie and go forward from now on.

Exercises:  As we just found out, muscles fade away when having a bad posture. So what is a better option than to exercise supporting muscles. Planks, be in high or side ways are a great way to improve core and lower back strength. And in the gym proper form squats are great ways to improve the muscles that support your frame. There are too many exercises that benefit your muscles and posture to mention here. Go do some research for yourself and you’d be surprised how many variations there are.

Standing desk: As you might know a standing desk is a great way to combat fatigue. They say that β€˜sitting is the new cancer’. This is a pretty severe statement but kind of true. So many people get bad posture and health issues from sitting incorrect for years. An automatically adjustable standing desk is the best way to be able to switch from standing to sitting while getting work done. An increase in standing equals more blood flow to the brain. With better decision making and concentration as a consequence. 

Back Brace / Posture corrector: This is a quite drastic measure but an effective one for direct results. It alleviates pressure from your back, neck and shoulders instantly. And promotes a proper posture throughout the day. When wearing it ofcourse. This might be interesting for people looking for something that can immediately improve their posture. 

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