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Common misconceptions about standing desks

Standing desks have become an innovative new development in offices worldwide. But still there is some doubt about the whole new concept of standing up while working. Is it overhyped and unnecessary? Does it really have significant benefits for their users?

Above are a few of many misconceptions that circulate in the minds of potential new standing desk users. We collected a combination of these misconceptions and elaborated on them. Is there some truth to them? Or not at all? Is the purchase worth it for you? Read on and we will tell you. 

Misconception 1: Duration of standing

There are some grave misconceptions going on about the time you should be standing behind your desk on a daily basis. Some think they should be standing more than they need to sit during a regular workday. This is actually incorrect. When using an adjustable standing desk, you should start standing as much as feels comfortable for you at that moment. The University of Waterloo recommends a 1:1 or 1:3 split. This basically means that either for a more experienced user you should be sitting as much as you are standing hence 1:1. And the second guideline would be for less experienced users. The ratio 1:3 means for every hour 45 minutes would consist of sitting and 15 minutes would be dedicated to sitting. We also recommend these variables as we noticed it truly works for us at Fitnest. 

Our more experienced users agreed on the 1:1 split being their favorite. And our beginners also agreed they preferred the 1:3 split. Conclusion: customize your standing time as much as possible to how your body feels. But use established guidelines as an example and go from there. 

Misconception 2: Working standing is bad for you

A lot of people think that standing throughout the workday makes you tired. Or that it even gives you backaches or other aches to your legs or back. But what these people fail to understand is that standing is a more natural posture for the human body than standing is. When you stand your back is nice and straight. When you are sitting itโ€™s curved.

You can imagine your body weight is better distributed over your back when standing. 

Even legendary writer Ernest Hemingway would stand while working. He was known to put his typewriter on the top of his book closet and would use this as an improvised standing desk. Hemingway was clearly ahead of his time! 

Of course, we have to mention that change usually needs some getting used to as always. It might be the case that new users experience a little bit of muscle ache in their calves. Or a little bit of tiredness in the feet. But donโ€™t worry, this is only temporary and a good sign your body is working! After 2 weeks usually you will notice a clear increase in standing ability and energy throughout the workday.  That is generally the development with first time users. We have observed similar feedback from our own crew that just got their standing desks and are beginning to join the (standing) movement. 

Misconception 3: Standing desks are a hassle (size and usability wise)

Now this is an interesting one that weโ€™ve come across when analyzing the misconceptions that one has generally towards standing desks. A lot of individuals are afraid they might be annoying or looking funny to the ones at the office that do not own an adjustable desk. First of all: From customer experience we can conclude that youโ€™ll probably become the cool trendy one at the office! Most automatic adjustable desks have engines that lift the desk with a sound less than 50 db. The ones being sold at Fitnest.eu are even below 50db. So, you can make sure that no one will be disturbed by the noise when youโ€™re raising your desk.

Once your colleagues see how more energized you are because of using your desk they will soon follow your responsible example. And some might also think that putting it together will be difficult. Well, weโ€™re here to explain to you itโ€™s easier to assemble than the average Ikea closet. A step-by-step manual is included to make it as straightforward and clear which steps should be taken during assembly. So, there you go. And size wise itโ€™s also a very customizable product. With so much variation available in the market size wise, itโ€™s so easy to find a desk that exactly fits your office dimensions. For the ones among us who love an interior where everything fits perfectly dimension-wise, youโ€™re covered. 

Misconception 4: My boss probably wonโ€™t even buy us one

This might be a misconception you have had yourself. You have worries concerning the willingness of your employer to engage in the purchase of ergonomic adjustable desks. Yes, the tables can be relatively expensive. But a chronically ill employee is even more expensive. Itโ€™s one more argument that standing desks can keep you and your colleagues healthier in the long term.

Also, it is a fact that in most countries there is a tax benefit present for ergonomic furniture. As an example, in the Netherlands an employer can deduct the costs of ergonomic standing desks for their employees from his taxable income. But only if the employer is fully responsible for the purchase amount of the tables. So combined with all of the money your employer can save through tax benefits. (We recommend to thoroughly analyze the benefits in your specific country) And including all the health benefits it brings, you have a much better case. And when you show all of the health benefits to your boss and rationalize it as the best choice for the company as the staff, youโ€™ll be successful! 

Misconception 5: There is no standing desk for my interior

Up until now weโ€™ve analyzed the standing desk market and saw tens of different colors available for the frames. Desktops there are several hundred colors available. If taking different tints of wood as a different color of course. From all the relative neutral colors as grey, white, black, silver etc. to violet light blue. Many colors we have seen and itโ€™s difficult to imagine there not being one available that fits your interior very well.

So just like picking the perfect car color, shoe or jacket color. You have enough choice when choosing a standing desk! Fancy a curved desk with an extension that does not move up and down?  Fancy a U-shaped standing desk? They’re out there! All the above means that you will find the right standing desk for you. It will please all the aesthetic demands you have. It will improve your posture and general health, while also looking great in the office. 


We can conclude that all the above misconceptions are exactly that what we call them: MIS-conceptions. Donโ€™t wait any longer to improve your general health. Itโ€™s never too soon to start taking care of your posture and health. You will be needing it for the future! Any doubts you have are swept aside by all the health benefits adjustable desks offer. This step might be your first step towards a permanently healthier lifestyle. And if that is truly the case you wonโ€™t regret that for sure! A new desk is a tiny price for higher quality longevity. 

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