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Standing desks: myth or must?

This is going to be a critical and honest analysis about standing desks. Are they an overhyped accessory for the office? Or are they a key ergonomic addition to the modern workspace? Follow us to find out. 


There are some myths circulating online about standing desks. 

We’re going to talk about a few myths in this column to help us put everything into perspective. 

Huge extra calories burned

One of the myths being that a standing desk is a calorie burning machine. And that it is a miraculous tool to shred pounds while working. Is this the raw truth? Well. No. While standing behind a standing desk burns more calories than when you sit. It is not a very significant difference. To be precise about 7-8 calories per hour more. So if you were to stand for 4 hours you would burn only 32 calories more than when sitting. This is a small cracker calorie wise. So no if this is your primary reason for buying one, there are better options. 

Much better ones: Wanna burn some serious calories while you work? ‘The Ross’ standing desk bike is the true calorie burning machine. It speaks for itself. Combined with a comfortable seating there are bike pedals that you can use to cycle and work at the same time.

‘The Ross’ https://www.fitnest.eu/the-ross-standing-desk-bike/

Standing while working is bad for you

While it is crucial for us to differentiate clearly between the amount of standing. A study has shown shocking results about standing at work non stop. It has shown that people who mainly stand at their work have a double increased change to cardiovascular-disease. This study has been done over a period of 12 years. 

And while this may be very well true. It is definitely an extreme. An extreme that most people that buy a standing desk won’t meet at a long shot. And the fact of the matter is that we do not recommend exclusively to stand behind your desk the whole day when working. We recommend a varied sit-standing schedule to follow on a daily basis when working. And slowly increase your time standing followed up by a period of sitting. This way you can profit from the posture benefitting benefits of a standing desk while still not doing any harm to yourself. So this myth has been debunked as there is truth to it, but this is not relevant for the use of standing desks. 

Standing desk is a good substitute for exercise

We have noticed this is a thought that some people have when purchasing a standing desk. That somehow it is a work-out using a standing desk. While it does stimulate much more muscles when used than sitting does. We truly have to emphasize that standing desks are not a substitute for exercise. The blood flow you get from exercising and increased heart rate cannot be compared to standing behind a standing desk. So what we recommend is for an ultimate result and efficiency it is handy to use both. In moderation at the beginning. But slowly but surely work your way up in how long you do it. This will make sure you are being responsible but mostly efficient with your time you spend standing and exercising. 


First of all we need to mention that we do swear by standing desks. Why exactly do you ask? Well because the benefit these desks have on the long turn and the comfort received is worth it to all of us at Fitnest.eu


It is a fact that your spine straightens and has much less pressure on it when you stand. This combined with sitting when noticing a bit of fatigue when standing leads to reaping in the benefits of both at the same time. While as mentioned above in the myth section properly using it time wise is crucial. You should assess according to your experience and fitness level how much you are going to stand from the start. And eventually work your way up to a sustainable level of standing. So you can enjoy the benefits exclusively from your standing desk. 

Because let’s face it. People mostly buy standing desks for an increase in correct posture. They want to save their back from the detrimental effects of sitting. And a standing desk is the right way to do it. 

Does it have any risk for your lower limbs or heart? No. If you use your desk correctly it doesn’t. Please keep this in mind and don’t get startled by any articles claiming this. If used correctly and with the right time schedule you have no risk.

Circulation and mind

This is one of the main reasons one would acquire a standing desk for sure. Standing still significantly improves your blood circulation compared to sitting. This means you get more blood to your brain which equals more oxygen to your control chamber. This increases your focus, creativity and can even increase your mood. So if we put it in perspective this increases your productivity on the workfloor. It increases the total progress you make while simultaneously stimulating your natural bodily functions. And at the end of the day that’s what you’re at work for. And you need your body for the rest of your life so the health benefits shall and will not be underappreciated. Because what is money and success worth when your body needs to pay the toll? 

The conclusion is that the downsides of standing desks clearly have been overstated online. And the false illusion that a standing desk is a replacement instead of an addition to a healthy active lifestyle is also false and misrepresented. If one keeps a healthy lifestyle or wants to start being more active, a standing desk is 100% a wise addition. 

So go ahead and go to fitnest.eu and find a quality standing desk fit for your needs in a design of your personal taste!

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