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open workplaces and productivity

Open Workplaces and Productivity: Yes or No?

Open workplaces and productivity: do they come along together or not? Nowadays, open workspaces have become quite popular. Some companies move into open offices while some prefer to use old school ones. In this article we are going to be fair, and we will tell you the truth about open workspaces and productivity.

Open Workplaces and Productivity: Advantages

1. Improved Personnel Management

Personnel managers get an opportunity to have quick responses from office employees in an open office.

Open workplaces allow you to work together with all your coworkers. For personnel managers that gives an opportunity to get quick responses from all the office subordinates. Monitoring employees makes everyone more responsible, and the relationship in the office gets more trustworthy. Having a constant contact with workers of all levels allows you monitor everyone, and gives you an opportunity to improve not just results of work but also personnel management on the whole. 

2. Saved Money

coins saved money
An open office helps you save money on some expenses.

This one seems weird. How can save money in an open office? Open offices are usually much smaller that regulate offices. Let us give you an example. A company X has 4 departments and it wants to have 5 rooms for each department and the heads of the company. First of all, it is quite difficult to find a place that matches the criteria of 5 rooms in a nice area. Secondly, the space required for 5 rooms is larger that the one for one office. You save not just space but also money. 

3. Increased Flexibility

An open office gives you a lot of flexibility.

Open office allows you to be flexible. Flexible in terms of everything. Flexibility at work gives you a lot of benefits. Coming earlier or later at work allows you to dedicate more time to personal needs. Flexibility allows you to control your schedule. Reduced tiredness and absenteeism in the office will be almost not known to a company that works in an open office since everyone is working in one place.

4. Improved Communication

Working in an open office boosts communication skills within the team.

Having some small conversations here and there gives you a chance to improve communication skills. Why is it important for your productivity? When you do not know anything, you can sit and think, google the topic or talk to your coworkers. When feeling sad or happy, you can share your emotions with coworkers. All of these actions improve you communication in the office, and, therefore, boost your productivity. 

5. Improved Collaboration

Working in an open office is ideal for gathering essential ideas very quickly.

Working in an open workplace is ideal for gathering essential ideas really quick. You do not have to wait for the next meeting or for the next time you are going to meet up with this or that employee. You just stand up and come up to the person or people you want to share your ideas with, and they give you a quick feedback and your ideas get a very fast let go. Moreover, sharing different ideas with some other employees increases team work and critical thinking. Both skills are very useful for your office productivity.

Open Workplaces and Productivity: Disadvantages

1. Lack of Privacy

Working in open workplaces may lead to some privacy issues.

An open workspace can be a reason of privacy issues. Since all the workers are located in one office, at some point employees may face lack of privacy. Working together and sharing some personal things unintentionally may lead to misunderstandings and biased opinions. For example, looking for tickets for vacation or checking your private e-mail in an open workspace may lead to some problems.

2. Source of Distraction

Office gossips and social media are the main sources of distractions in an open office.

Having coworkers constantly nearby may distract you. Some unnecessary conversations and questions may make you pay less attention to your actual tasks. Some stories from neighbours or gossips from girls with high probability make you think not about your assignments. Instagram stories and Twitter posts from neighbours can be another source of distraction in an open office. However, a wise time management and some time settings on Apps may be helpful if you are not always able to control your time.

Open Workplaces and Productivity: Conclusion

Open workplaces and productivity do come along. Yes, your productivity in an open office increases significantly. Owing to improved personnel management, better communication and collaboration, increased flexibility and saved money you will see how productivity in the office skyrockets.


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