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Great snacks and power foods you should definitely have at the office

We all know the old saying. ‘You are what you eat.’ And this couldn’t be closer to the truth if you ask us. That’s why we’ve noted down a few of the best snacks and power foods. These are the most handy and nutritious snacks you should have laying around at the office. A healthy body is a healthy mind and that is exactly what you need to be productive. 

  1. Good old oatmeal 

Ah yes, the good old oats. This may come over as an old fashioned grandma meal, but we assure you it’s not. Having some oatmeal around or home made oat cookies can successfully keep your staff fueled. There’s a good reason oat meal has been on the list of healthy power foods for ages. It is a great source of fibers and complex-carbohydrates that do a great job of powering the body. Hence that is why it is a very popular food among bodybuilders and other athletes. It is known as one of the most nutrient dense foods as it has significantly more protein and fat than other wheats. And you thought oatmeal was boring right? 

Well how about adding some fruits, some yogurt or almond milk? Or some cinnamon and sugar with some nice warm milk? Perhaps even some cruesli and chocolate?

As you see the options are endless and it is also a very cheap alternative. You could take the lead and bake your own healthy oat cookies with custom chosen ingredients. Delicious and healthy. 

  1. Dried fruits

When growing up all of us have been told to eat our vegetables and fruits. With a good reason of course. Fruits and vegetables contain crucial micronutrients and fiber which are crucial for organ and brain functions. The carbohydrates (glucose) in (dried) fruit also give an immediate energy boost. This of course being hugely beneficial and more healthy than energy drinks or some other form of artificial sugar / caffeine. And we’ve all had it at some point. Fruit that you haven’t had the time to consume and it has rotten. To prevent waste and increase the shelf life of the purchased fruits we advise you to choose dried fruits like apricots, blueberries and dades.

Personal preference tip: I get a great energy boost from dried prunes. They’re delicious and super easy to digest. So they won’t interfere with your appetite when consumed in moderate dosis. 

We advise you to purchase air tight containers to store your dried foods and possible other foods you’ll have laying around the office. This way your staff and you will always have a delicious and energizing snack within arms reach. And because of the good nutritional values and low allergy numbers they fit in almost any diet. 

We’re firm believers in setting a good example first for people to follow. When there is a healthy alternative around and it’s easier to access than the non-healthy alternative. We are certain the healthier choice will prevail!

  1. All kinds of nuts!

My personal favorite snack at the office! Cashews, almonds, walnuts and many many more. Nuts have been a key source of protein and antioxidants for vegans throughout the world. And even though you might not be vegan it is a great food to have when you feel like a snack. Because nuts taste savory they’re a great stop gap to keep you powered and fueled until lunch or dinner.

There is an interesting fact about the antioxidant vitamin-E which is found abundantly in the above mentioned nuts. Vitamine-E has shown to decrease the decline of cognitive functions during the aging process. So if you care about your health, we’d advise you to increase your consumption of nuts! At the office or at home, it doesn’t matter, it is up to you. 

  1. Yoghurt

This is an extremely practical and affordable healthy snack. Yoghurt.

As we all know it contains a good amount of protein and is low-calorie. But these are just the superficial characteristics. Yoghurt has relatively large quantities of vitamin B12 in it. This vitamin combined with the healthy bacteria in yoghurt regulates your metabolism. It can help you digest better and improve possible issues you might have with bowel issues. Having a small refrigerator in the office dedicated to diverse sorts of yoghurt is a great and healthy initiative. We are sure your employees will appreciate this and use this option plentiful during busy days. 

  1. Dried meats

You did not expect this one here. Or did you? But yeah, what is more delicious than a nice beef jerky, a sucuk or a bifi sausage at the office? I sure know I would appreciate a harty nice dried sausage or jerky as a snack. While usually being quite high in sodium and fats. Little things beat the taste of dried meat. This is considered in our opinion as a great morale booster for now and then. The options are so wide, they really are. From Italian and Spanish sausages to Turkish and German sausages and American dried meats. There’s room enough for a nice variety to get that sweet good old protein!

For our vegetarian friends we advise to keep a few packs of string cheese at the office! String cheese is also very delicious and full of good bacteria and protein. It can also be kept for a significantly longer time than regular cheese. 

  1. Vitamin and food supplements

While not really considered food or a snack. In our opinions it is crucial to supplement your employees and yourself with vitamins, fats and minerals. You need these micronutrients to have healthy organs and a good and healthy beating heart. And let’s all be honest for a minute. We don’t eat fatty fish as much as we should right? At least I don’t unfortunately. So doctors also advise you to take omega-3 capsules. Why not have a dedicated cabinet with all of the above products?

If your employees lack these nutrients you’re going to see this being reflected in their results. Thus the more reason you have to purchase these products and let them stay there for grabs. They usually have an expiration date much longer than conventional food. So buying them and storing them for a longer period is the easiest of all the options mentioned in this blog! It’s not too much effort and it’s a great and quick way for your staff to get their micronutrients in on a daily basis. 

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