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Productivity Guide – Organised and caffeinated

Productivity, some days are more productive than others.

But the good news is, you can make everyday productive. It takes an understanding of the sweet science behind it, we got you covered:


Caffeine activates areas of your brain and nervous system. This improves your focus and energy levels. We recommend a cup of black coffee in the morning to activate your body and mind for the work that is laying ahead. Consume caffeine responsibly and according to your needs. 

Too much can make you a bouncy ball, which is detrimental to productivity. 

Fun fact: Caffeine increases circulating epinephrine (adrenaline). This is the hormone responsible for the fight or flight response.

Standing desk

Walking, push-ups, running etc. and indeed even standing up. These activities all stimulate circulation. This increases blood flow to the brain. And this in it’s turn increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients transported to the brain.

The effectiveness of the standing desk is clear. It is a fact that more brain cells are being produced in the brain when standing. As a result your problem-solving and critical thinking skills increase. Which also impacts your productivity in a positive way.

There are some incredible developments from using a standing desk following the guidelines. Over time when the movement behind the desk increases: 

The cerebral blood vessels that carry the nutrient-rich blood will expand. Allowing for better blood circulation even on days where one might sit during the whole day. 

To put it frankly: Your blood is like fuel, it is like fuel for all your bodily functions, including your brain. Memory and concentration are among the aspects that function better with increased circulation. 


In a study of the Texas A&M University it showed the following. 75% of the employees using a standing desks noted that they experienced a decrease in their bodily discomfort. 

The scientists linked the increased productivity of the employees to the increased comfort.

You might be reading this, and you might be thinking that is pretty strange. Until we realize that the human body needs movement for it to correctly function. And standing (an upright position) is actually most natural for the human body.

Pain is one of the ultimate killers of productivity. And it has been  proven that chronic back pain develops gradually until usually it’s too late.  And the permanent damage is done to the concerned employee. This is ofcourse not claiming that this cannot be reversed or prevented. We only want to emphasize that preventing something is much easier than fixing it. 

That’s why we understand that because one is used to sitting, it might feel comfortable at the start. But actually in most cases it often leads to chronic lower back pain and hip flexor pain due to inactivity. 

That’s why we want to emphasize: At the beginning standing may feel uncomfortable. But it will definitely prevent discomfort in the long run. Keep in mind that the following is scientifically proven. t Moving your body throughout the day and allowing it to straighten out in its most natural position. Standing will definitely increase a healthy employee’s  comfort levels and productivity. 

Proper usage

One is more keen on using something when he notices the effects right away. And that is also the case with the increased productivity and back pain relief using a standing desk. 

We want to ensure you are using your standing desk and in the most efficient way. We recommend you to install a standing up app on your phone or desktop. This gives you a structural reminder to lift your desk up and stand for an according timeframe behind it.  As a goal to optimize the positive results and neutralize the negative ones as fast as possible. 

Using an app-based or browser-based reminder stimulates the correct use of the standing desk. This also stimulates movement and at the same time educates the user on correct ergonomic positioning. Which in its turn has shown to indeed increase productivity. 

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