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Small office space ideas

This blog specifically goes out to all of our readers with minimal space to their availability! Or to the organized and efficient ones among us. Who just don’t want to waste any space in their office or home. You don’t possess the large office spaces others at different companies have. Or you don’t really have the options at home to take more space into use. No worries.

We are going to dive into the cool possibilities and options that are out there to get the maximum out of your small office or workspace. Read on thrillseekers!

Bulky furniture

You might have a big cozy couch at the office you like. You might have a big chair in your home office. Or perhaps your colleagues file cabinet takes almost ⅕ of the office? And he claims it’s all for important documentation? Odds are his cabinets are probably half empty. 

You see saving space starts at the fundamentals. Choose new cabinets that are stacked and narrow. Rather than broad in width with a low height. Be critical. Remove unnecessary coat hangers and chairs that no one ever sits in anyways. All of this makes the space feel much more cramped than it actually is. It leaves quite some space between these items which isn’t put to productive use.

Pro tip: Nowadays minimalist styling is hot. Make use of this trend as the fashionable minimalist design is usually with less furniture than the classic office set up! 

Standing desk

While the health and posture benefits are known of standing desks. (Click here for a review). They actually are a great multi-functional platform for the office. Think about it. It functions as a great desk which can be adjusted to personal height. But at the same time it is a tool to stay active and healthy. It stimulates movement and muscle interaction. This has a positive effect on the bodily health of your workers but also very much on their mood. We all know how it feels when you sit for too long for an extended period of time. It’s energy draining.  

While switching it up and raising your standing desk and actually standing behind it gives you an energy boost. Which in its turn lets you focus more and makes you more productive.

We’ve seen medicine balls laying around at offices taking up so much necessary space in a bid to promote healthy exercise. Just please don’t. Try a standing desk. You won’t regret it. 


Have a look in the corners of your workspace or office. Empty? Probably. Most of us don’t make use of the corners in our work environments. Because corners are considered really restricted in what useful items could be placed in them. They tend to be not used at all.

But if you actually have a look at what different purpose you could give it: File cabinet, foldable ironing board, mini fridge instead of a big one, or just an area to put wet umbrellas. The area is there to use, and if you look carefully in your workspace and what you actually need. You will surely be able to find a good use for it. We know you can. Try to see what could be moved to the corners in your main work area and do it. Even if it is only one square meter of space that you’ve saved. It can add up to a drastically more spacious feeling area when using all of our tips. 

Use accessories that are concealable

Now don’t get us wrong. We don’t want you to remove everything that takes up a bit of space in your office or your environment. And we certainly don’t want you to get rid of health saving and improving accessories that you use. Because health is always the most important factor in everything we do. As an example: If you use a footrest to ease the tensions of your leg muscles. Use a foldable one which can be folded and tucked away neatly. Above you can see a great example of a great high quality foldable footrest which we use ourselves. It’s so thin when you fold it you can put it under most airplane seats. So you could also put it under most file cabinets or furniture. You can view the footrest here. There are also for home use some great foldable desks available. Which when necessary can be flipped into a desk. You can grab a chair and go ahead and work. Or you can flip it back and use it as a cabinet for items to put on. Do you research what you need and look if there is a multi-purpose variant of it. You’d be surprised how much space-efficient multi-functional furniture is out there. 

Hot desking

Hot desking is primarily intended for companies that work a lot with freelance or part-time personnel. Basically it means that there is not a dedicated working space for every employee if they are part-time workers. So they plan their times at the office accordingly. This lowers the cost of initial purchase of the furniture and saves actual space at the office big time. There is also specific software and apps developed for employers to plan their employees according to their working schedule. They do this for the exact reason I mentioned just now. This is also a very good cost and time saving option for starting entrepreneurs. 


We’ve mentioned them a few times. But aren’t they obsolete in the 21st century? Yes we’re talking about filing cabinets. What are you storing in these cabinets in the first place? And let’s be critical. Can’t most of it be put onto a cloud? You can have a dedicated secure cloud for all of your work related information. Removing all of the unnecessary bulky cabinets. Yet few entrepreneurs use cloud technology to their full potential. You would truly be surprised how spacious your office could look if you go with using online cloud storage. 

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