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Why use a monitor arm ?
A monitor arm helps you to adjust your monitor at the optimal height, angle, and distance. When using a monitor arm , your screen is not on your desk anymore and this creates a more neat working space. Without proper ergonomic adjustment strain , fatigue and blurred vision can result. To be more productive and healty, we advise using a monitor arm

What is a monitor arm ?
A monitor arm holds your monitor and is attached to the back of it. The screen will be lifted from your desk and creates more space. The monitor arm can be adjusted to the ideal height and angle.

What is the average cost of a monitor arm ?
The price of a monitor arms depens on lots of factors. There are single, dual and even triple monitor arms. A regular single monitor arms costs in between โ‚ฌ 80-100 on average. A regular dual monitor arm costs in between โ‚ฌ 150-200 on average.