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Standing Desks: Beneficial for general health, but also a tax write off?

Standing desks more beneficial than a conventional desk

It is a matter of fact that a standing desk is superior to your general health, performance and fatigue than a regular one.

They don’t say without a reason nowadays: Sitting is the new smoking.

As you can see above, a standing desk can be used to sit behind and to stand behind. It has shown that standing between sitting between your workday can significantly improve your bodily processes: 

Blood circulation: Because when you’re standing, you’re using primarily your leg muscles. Other muscles being activated are the lower-back, abdomen. This creates increased blood circulation throughout your body making sure more blood travels to your brain but also a better flow of oxygen to your brain which increases your productivity and problem solving skills. This also increases productivity noticeably. 

Posture: This might come as a surprise but standing actually is the most natural stance for a human compared to sitting. Standing a certain period behind your desk stimulates correct posture and minimizes the chance of slouching while sitting. It also prevents  all of the negative posture and back complications that come along with slouching and sitting incorrectly itself. 

Fun fact: Standing burns 0.15 calorie more per minute than sitting! (Average calculation for an 70 kg male)

Above you can see a standing desk being sold by Fitnest.eu it can automatically go up and down in the preferred position. We advise an automatically moving one, it’s just so much nicer. 

Does it really help? Yes it does. IF you use it correctly!

Just owning one and using it once a week doesn’t make the cut. You want to prevent diseases and complications related to not moving enough, you’ll have to use your standing desk structurally. We advise you at the beginning to sit for 2 hours and then switch to standing for 20 – 30 minutes (depending on your level of fitness). Do this structurally and you will notice improvement for sure. The more you get used to it the more often we advise you to use it: There are many scientifically based articles online, don’t be shy, have a look and see what works best for your age-weight-height.

Accessoires? YES. These are the amazing standing desk accessories you need to see:

Foot roller by Fitnest: https://www.fitnest.eu/feet-roller/

Footroller: Above is the feet roller from Fitnest.eu, I personally swear by the foot roller, why? Go try it yourself. What’s better than zoning out for a microsecond into an oasis of rest and comfort when you treat your feet to the sturdy but relaxing bumps on the roller massaging the soles of your feet. Ahh-lovely. 

Cable tray by Fitnest: https://www.fitnest.eu/euroseats-cable-tray/

Cable tray: Experts have shown and you’ve probably noticed it yourself, one works better in a simple and clean environment. And with all of the devices used now a days and set-up, we are aware that the cables around your table might be annoying you and visually keeping you from total focus. Above we see the cable tray sold at Fitnest.eu, it is easy to integrate on to your desk and makes your office look clean and tidy again. It’s all about the right energy, especially for focus.

‘The Ross’ standing desk bike: Take burning calories and activating blood circulation to the next level!!

The Ross by Fitnest: https://www.fitnest.eu/the-ross-standing-desk-bike/

The unique Ross desk bike is designed beautifully with ergonomic usability as its main function. The desk bike can be combined ideally with your standing desk but can also be lowered to fit under your regular desk. It basically makes it possible for you to have an energy boosting workout behind your desk while working. The neat LCD screen shows you how many calories you have burned while working and the distance you’ve traveled. Your colleagues will be mad jealous when they see yours!

A standing desk is an amazing tax write off?

You might’ve not known but for your employer a standing desk could be an amazing hidden tax free write off. And were not talking about the regular guidelines you might be familiar with. 

As is the case in the Netherlands: An employer can write off the cost of your personal standing desk that your employer exclusively pays for. The employer has to finance it and can then write it off from the total taxable income. How it exactly works we’ve explained it here:

Important note: It is only applicable if the cost is fully covered by the employer, it is not allowed for an employee to pay for it themselves. (Except when paying for accessories or and upgrade to the main certified product)

How it works for your employer in the Netherlands:

Yes you were probably aware that certain products or a certain amount can be purchased tax free, and you would be right. In the Netherlands this speficic tax-free amount called the vrije ruimte. 

Basically the vrije ruimte literally translated: ‘free space’ is a fixed yearly amount 3% on the first 400.000 of your income. So that’s a maximum total of 12.000 euro yearly of which employers can gift items or services to their employees tax free. This yearly tax-exempted amount is a relatively small amount.

Employers tend to have to make difficult decisions about what to prioritize when using this space. The government guidelines apply exclusively to Ergonomic chairs and tables. Which in essence means that these can be acquired tax free separately unrelated to the ‘free space’ we’ve just mentioned. The cost of the tables can be extracted from the taxable income which could be a huge trigger for your employer to make the step to purchase. This is a great hint to mention to your employer so you can get a new desk and work on your health. And at the same time while you save your back your boss is saving his wallet! That’s a true win-win situation right there.

Does it apply for my country?

We advise you to check your government’s official website. For all of the specific and detailed information concerning the specific tax benefits applicable in your country. Or just make it easy for yourself and your boss and ask your company accountant/tax advisor for his immediate input, he should be aware of the situation of the according policies in your country. Most European countries have interesting tax-benefits for ergonomic office-essential products. 


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