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What is a standing desk or an electric standing desk?

A standing desk is a desk which gives you the possibility to stand or sit on a high stool while working. This has many health benefits. For more info check out our blog

Which standing desk is best for me?

This depends on many factors. How much space do you have ? How much working space do you need ? What will be placed on your desk ? For personal advice contact us via the chat icon on the bottom right of your screen.

Additionally, you can always visit our Standing Desk FAQ page for even more details on the benefits and questions related to buying a standing desk.

Why is a standing desk good?

A Standing Desk is good (in our opinion) because it allows for effortless changing between sitting and standing. Research has shown that sitting is bad for energy levels, muscles and fatigue. A standing desk is not a solution to all those problems, but a potential reduction of sitting time. Standing increases blood flow, it gives people a different stance at working and it allows you to burn more calories than sitting. Additionally, standing desks are cool, hip and new, and that is why people also love them. We got to be honest.

What is the best height for using a standing desk?

This is a fantastic question, and a very important one. We have taken the time to make a dedicated blog post and table on this subject. Please note that the values we have on our desks are based on a sample of desk research and testing in Fitnest HQ. Your height matters a lot. If you are looking for a handy height guide, please feel free to check ours. And give us a comment if you would like to make an amendment there. An important note and reflection we have made is that, as long as you have both feet flat on the ground is the best outcome. Sitting, standing and in general as an analogy we like.

How long should you stand at your standing desk?

This is a heavily debated one, we have outsourced our opinion to a lecturer of the University of Waterloo, who made a study specific of this, here is his statement.

It’s the same concept as dehydration during exercise,” he says. “If you wait until you’re thirsty it’s too late. If you wait until you have pain before you change positions, it’s too late. This pain is hard to get rid of, so you have to be moving and changing positions before it starts.”

Our conclusion and interpretation of this is, do not wait for fatigue to happen for you to switch. Make switching between sitting and starting part of your flow!

We also got a bit enthusiastic about this and made a Youtube video on the topic.

What are the most common standing desk accessories?

A whole category of accessories can be found here. From the years in the market we have noticed that the most popular accessory is hands down the monitor arm. They nowadays even come with hydraulic mechanisms that make moving, rotating, adjusting them as easy as 1-2-3, we particularly love the monitor arms with dual USB ports. Because, who needs more cables dangling around?

How does a standing desk work?

Standing desks work in many ways, traditionally, they had elements which could be adjusted in height. One of the oldest standing desks that we have known of belongs to Marie Antoinette (1778) to use when she was pregnant, you can see the vintage and cool picture here.

A lot of time has passed from the moment that desk was built until now. Nowadays standing desks are either hydraulic (pull to elevate), cranked (rotate a lever to raise the tabletop) or electric. At Fitnest Europe we focus exclusively on Electric Standing Desk Frames, this is a conscious choice as we think these are the best type of standing desks to maintain flow, to really integrate it into a 4-6-8 or even 10 hour work session and the ones that we champion the most.

Electric standing desks, are motorised. They can have 1, 2 or even 3 motors. Single motors are usually found on one side of the desk, which simply emulates the crank motion of a crank desk to elevate the tabletop position. Dual motor standing desks often work with telescopic legs. Meaning that, they individually raise each leg to a specific height. You need to worry not as they are synced thanks to the control unit, which can also remember height preferences. Triple motor standing desks are often T-shaped corner desks. The extra motor almost always symbolises more lifting capacity. Which is something we believe you should pay attention to when picking a desk.

What is a standing desk or an electric standing desk?

A standing desk is a desk which has the ability to raise and lower its height for people to use. Some of them have this feature automatic (through a motor) and some are more primitive. They all serve the same health / productivity benefits. Just some are slightly more convenient in use than others. For instance, cranked desks are fine, but for us they are unpractical, as we like to quickly switch from sit to stand.

Is a Standing Desk good for home?

Absolutely, our standing desks are great for any household. Why? Because the variability in height makes it a good work station for every member of the home. The desk height can be lowered for the smallest members of the family and the bigger ones can sit or stand.

Who buys a standing desk?

You can check our reviews for a good grasp of who buys standing desks. We have noticed that people that buy our standing desks are mostly people who either are developers, designers, business owners or upper management in companies. We have had our fair bit of freelancers also get the desks and consultants too! We are trying to be an inclusive brand and are very eager to learn from our customers.

Can you improve your mood with a standing desk?

Wow, did we make another video about this? I think this is getting out of hand. Anyways, please feel free to look around our shop, if you have questions, chat with us!