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Summer body edition: Tone your body at the office

The summer is thank god around the corner! And everyone will probably make use of the beautiful weather as much as they can. So am I. And probably you too! But here comes the question. Are you summer-ready? I bet your mind is. But is your body summer ready too is the big question. 

We all want to feel and look as good as we can at the beach or at the pool. But we all have work to get done. Professionally and probably at home too. So this blog is going to be a manual on how to lose those love handles. While being at or going to the office! Weโ€™ll also mention some hacks and quick tricks to lose weight and burn calories when working from home. 

Make it spicy and then cool with lots of water

Spicy food. You may love it or dislike it. But the fact of the matter is that it makes your body burn a lot more calories. Capsaicin is the spice factor of hot peppers. It has been shown that Capsaicin increases the amount of calories burned in your body. This is because it raises your body temperature a bit and this automatically makes you burn more calories. This way it also increases fat oxidation in your body (making that fat burn literally). Furthermore Capsaicin is known for stimulating the fullness feeling when eating. So you basically can overeat much harder with spicy food with spicy peppers. Decreasing the amount you eat. Which with our goal in mind is a good thing.

Drink AT LEAST 2 liters of water per day. Preferably 2.5 liter. And ofcourse more if your body signals you itโ€™s thirst. Because fact is, as easy as drinking water is. It increases your metabolism by 30%. Which is a great low effort way to burn a little bit more calories all together. 

Change way of transport

Making a more significant change to your daily routine for the positive is a must if you want to attain the summer ready body youโ€™re wishing for! And letโ€™s be honest. Driving to work in your car is not really a great start to the day. Youโ€™ll have to work extra hard in the gym if you want to make a change. It is basically the most less intensive route you can choose to your work. Of course it is not always possible to choose this route. Especially for the ones among us that travel long distances. Or work in different locations all the time and abroad. 

But, even if you travel far. You could choose public transport to get to your location. Odds are you will have to walk a bit to get to the bus or train. So there you go. If you do this you will burn probably a few hundred calories across the day. Just by going by public transport. 

And ofcourse for the ones among us for which this is an option: Go by bike. Go by foot. Go by skateboard whatever. Just move your body more! Your heart will thank you and so will your joints and muscles. 

You can increase your daily calories burned by two fold if you choose to cycle to work instead of drive. Because guess what. Exercise has a positive effect on your metabolism. So the exercise you did earlier in the day will increase how much calories your body burns during the rest of the day. So get moving!

Bring drastic changes to your office set up

Sitting is the new smoking is something we heard many times before. Sitting brings all kinds of posture related aches and problems. You donโ€™t burn many calories while sitting, Thatโ€™s why we press on the fact that you need to change your setup once and for all. Acquire a standing desk! Become part of the sit-stand movement. And increase your calories burned by 20% at the office and save your posture. Keeping a good posture stimulates more muscles in your body and hence burns more calories. This is a very basic but effective change to your daily routine.

For the ones really serious about losing weight at the office we definitely recommend the above mentioned Ross standing desk bike! The Ross will dramatically increase your calories burned. And if you stick to a healthy diet before you know it you will become in top shape! Good thing about the Ross is that you can share it at your workplace. One Ross for all. But no fighting about whoโ€™s turn it is! The Ross is great for breaking the sometimes mundane office hours. 

What we would also recommend is to start walking when youโ€™re on the phone with a client or colleague. And to keep doing this to increase your daily movement. 

Also forget about the elevator. It doesnโ€™t exist anymore for you. Even for the upper floors of your office / residential building. 

Preparation is the key to success

What do we mean with preparation is key? Well it means that if you prepare your food for the day at home. Youโ€™ll have basically 0% chance to cheat on your diet or pick something thatโ€™s unhealthy at the cafeteria. These are the little things that turn out to have a huge effect on our end result. Even having a healthy snack at the office waiting for you as described in our blog here can have an incredible result. Because why choose a Snickers or something else if you have yogurt or healthy nuts at the office. 

When you eliminate all these temptations and have your own food prepared there is little that can go wrong. So indeed switch to pre prepared healthy foods. Itโ€™s going to fuel you better and youโ€™re going to stick to your fat burning diet. Do the above mentioned changes in your physical exercise routine combined with the healthy diet and miracles will happen. Consistency is key. 

These were our tips for this blog! Now go apply them and get that body looking summer ready!

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