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the art of doing nothing

The Art of Doing Nothing, How To Deep Relax๐Ÿง˜โ€โ™‚๏ธ

The Art of Doing Nothing and getting benefits out of it? Yes, that is possible. Wonders do happen! So do you want to know how? Then read this article and get many useful tips for your productivity and happiness!

The Art of Doing Nothing: How Does it Work?

Doing nothing can bring you benefits. Of course, it depends on your personal attitude to having some moments of nothing and laziness. In the end, all of us are human being and all of us need some moments of nothing. Today we will share with you some ways of making your doing nothing moments work for you, your happiness, your health and your productivity.

1. Disconnect All Distractions


disconnect all distractions art of doing nothing
Phones, laptops, TVs and radios are the most common distraction sources.

You may want to relax and forget about everything. However, your cell phone and laptop may not let you relax since you are obsessed with social media. Remember the last time when one of your devices stopped working? How did you feel? I guess you were stressed and mad and that is not what you need. The main of the art of doing nothing is to make you relax but not the other way around. So leave your phone, laptop, all the Apps and just try to live for a moment without them. It may be difficult but make a small step every day. You can start with some activities and then having no device with you will become a habit. Learn how to enjoy your time without devices but with yourself!

2. Try a New Breathing Method

breathing method art of doing nothing
Breathing methods are very important in daily life.

You will be surprised but not many people know how to breathe in order to get relaxed. Take a long slow breath through your nose, fill your lower lungs and then your upper lungs. Slowly exhale air and relax the muscles of your body. Try this method a few times but remember that all negative thoughts should be out of your head. Watch some videos of people doing it. Breathing methods are very important in your daily life. When facing a panic attack or some stress, try to breathe the way we mentioned above and you will see the difference in your feelings and attitude within a few seconds!

3. The Art of Doing Nothing Main Tip: Relaxing

relaxation art of doing nothing
Relaxing means doing nothing.

The art of doing nothing is about relaxing! Yes! How do you relax? Some people eat cakes, others travel, some do sports. Whatever you do should not be a daily routine that you do just because you have to. With regards to the art of doing nothing, you should do someting that means nothing. What about having a bath and lying down in foam? Or maybe lying on the sofa and talking to a friend from the childhood?

4. Set No Time Limits

This is crucial! The art of doing nothing should not be scheduled or limited. Take as much time as you need. An hour, a day or even a few days! The art of doing nothing moments should bring you pleasure and charge you for the next weeks or months or maybe years.

5. Being Alone

alone art of doing nothing
Being alone means taking some time for yourself.

You may be a very talkative person but you also need some time to recharge yourself. Have you ever thought about travelling on your own or maybe going hiking on your own to a new place without a phone and any friends? This kind of a small vacation will help you recharge your inner batteries, feel better and increase your productivity.

Conclusion: The Art of Doing Nothing

The art of doing nothing is a very important thing, that helps you recharge your inner batteries, become better and feel energised for a long period of time! We talk more about habits of highly productive people in this post.


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