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Things you can do with a Standing Desk that you can’t with a traditional desk

You’re probably wondering if you should make the step towards a standing desk. Or you’re the proud owner of one and you’re curious about what some hidden perks are of being a standing desk owner. In this blog we will discuss the more obvious and straightforward functionalities. But also about the cool tips and tricks about owning a standing desk that you might not have thought of right away! 

Improve your digestion while working!

A study from Harvard has shown that using a standing desk at the office can make your blood sugar fall back faster to normal levels after a meal! Compared to sitting this is ofcourse. Because standing behind your desk burns about 10% more calories than sitting, your metabolism gets an extra kick to do its job. Which leads to slightly better and faster digestion of foods and nutrients. So if you purchase a standing desk, you won’t only own a super ergonomic product that benefits your posture on a daily basis. No, you’re also getting a digestion and fat burning stimulator! Double-win!

You get a children and pet-proof security system for your office set-up!

The moms and dads among us know what we are talking about. A child or toddler that spontaneously and with the speed of light grabs for your coffee mug! Or grabs for your beautiful laptop/monitor etc. With all the possible destruction and chaos as a consequence to your set-up. Or you are simply afraid your child might pull the wrong cord or grab something that will fall on their head while you’re not around. This is a regular and worrying occurrence for most regular desk owners. (Same applies to your pets!)

But behold. The standing desk has come to take your worries away. You can load up your desk with up to 125 kg of items using the Fitnest.eu’s Sierra standing desks. Plenty of weight for your set-up. And here comes the sweet news: You can lift your whole desk and set-up to a child proof height of about 129.5 cm. So that their little curious hands cannot reach the valuable items or hazardous items on your desk! You can thank us later for the tip.

Getting the nice toned legs you’ve always dreamed of

It may not come as a surprise that you will certainly activate your calf muscles much more when standing, because you have to carry the weight of your body. This also applies to your upper legs and hamstrings. When sitting too long all day your muscles tend to not be activated sufficiently. And can even lead to your legs losing strength and becoming smaller.

This is not beneficial for your future health as throughout the aging process one should aim to retain as much muscular strength in one’s legs and back as possible. This is for lumbar support and for proper posture and to avoid balance related issues in the future. This means that you’re working out your muscles more just by switching to a standing desk. The abs, lower-back etc. also get activated more like that. We don’t see a regular desk doing that!

Knee room, comfort, lower back training!

If, like me, you have relatively long legs, or if you like to put your leg on top of your knee to rest while working, you’ve bumped your knees enough times doing so. A standing desk can help you avoid this pain and discomfort when crossing your legs to make yourself comfy. You can simply lift up your desk to the right height necessary for every position that makes you most comfortable. And the same applies when using different types of chairs. Normal office chairs are fine.

But some of our customers prefer to sit on an adjustable stool. And usually these stools require a bit more knee room and space to sit comfortably on. As the point of a stool is to activate the lower back significantly more. We all know the lower back is crucial for carrying our spine and the weight of our upper bodies. So using a stool now and then will improve and stimulate your stabilizing lower back muscles. 

A regular desk just simply cannot be moved easily like this and takes away the function of an ergonomic stool. And it’s almost impossible to get your back into the 90 degree posture for optimal support without standing, so a regular desk just doesn’t do it anymore nowadays. 

Mother nature’s energizer

A research from the appropriately named: Take-a-stand project has concluded that standing behind a standing desk improves the user’s mode. Through the increased circulation of blood that standing induces the user gets more nutrients and blood going to the brain. Other research has also shown that energy levels in general also increase because of the above mentioned fact. Which is extremely beneficial for individuals who have to work with great focus throughout the day and who need to stay focused and productive as much as possible. 

This all cannot be said the same about a regular desk though. Sitting will make you feel married to the chair at the end of the day. Tired, sleepy and fatigued. And possibly all the negative consequences of bad lunged forward posture. Which a standing desk was inherently made for to improve and relieve you from. 

Wrist discomfort prevention tool

While sitting your wrists tend to rest more on your keyboard. You can put unnecessary strain on your wrist. This can lead to chronic pains and issues throughout the working day in the long run. While using a standing desk you can put your arms in a comfortable and natural 90-100 degree position. Alleviating the strain put on your wrists otherwise. A regular desk makes it almost impossible to keep this optimal wrist positioning.  

Party table

Now this is a more unconventional one. But if you ever happen to have an office party. A standing desk can work great as a place to lean your beer or snack on! Lift your desk up or put two standing desks erected behind each other, put a nice sheet or table cover over it and voila. You got yourself a great party set up to put drink and food on for your guests and/or employees. And let’s be real, how much more sophisticated would that look compared to the boring old normally heighted desks?

I hope we’ve informed you about some new cool functions of the standing desk. A regular desk just doesn’t do it anymore when something so much better is available! Get your own standing desk at Fitnest.eu. 

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