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What are the basics and new tools to stay healthy during long office hours?

We have to be honest and acknowledge the fact that except for sleeping, the majority of the people reading this are spending the majority of their day working at the office. What you do during this time period affects your health in the long run greatly. We have to realize that you only get one body, one brain, one spine and that you’ll have to take care of yours because you’ll be needing it for a while!

Luckily for you we at Fitnest.eu have been doing our personal research about what helps and what is important to look out for. We’ll also present you with some unconventional tools which we have tested and found out it does indeed have value and adds to your overall general health. 

Of course we would love you to benefit too from these tips and tricks, so let’s start:

Balanced micro-nutrient rich diet and hydration

Ah yes, back to the very basics of human existence. Hydration and nutrition! I see you thinking, well yeah I know that. That might be the case, but let’s be honest:

Do you eat your daily portions of vegetables and fruits?(Defined by weight and physical activity) Do you eat a varied diet with enough viber to support all of organ functions? Probably not right?

Big news to all the employers: Eating unhealthy is linked to a 66 percent risk of loss of productivity. More shocking even: total health-related employee productivity loss accounts for 77 percent of all such loss and costs employers two to three times more than annual healthcare expenses. 

For all the health conscious or semi-health conscious people among us: Smoking, high blood pressure are linked to less deaths than poor dietary habits. Let that sink in and realize how big of an impact to your general health we are talking about here.

Micronutrients: Vitamins minerals and omega-3 etc. essential to the body

For your brain and for all of your cognitive functions in general micronutrients from vegetables and fruits and nuts etc. are fuel for a proper performance. So if your wish is to function properly from the core of your body you now know how to start. 

Hydrating: Consuming fluids and foods that contain water to support the bodily functions

You’ve probably already heard it a few times in your life: The average adult human body consists of up to 60% of water. Why is that you ask? Well because by breathing, walking, sweating and even digesting your body loses water, so it’s important for your body to consist of enough of it. Your body also mainly uses water to regulate its temperature and to support other bodily functions that are going on within you. 

Exercising and stretching

Disciplined weekly regular exercising can significantly improve your muscle strength and boost your general endurance. It helps to deliver the above mentioned and other nutrients to your tissue and organs. And moreover what’s important to our longevity is that it significantly stimulates a more efficient and proper functioning of your cardiovascular system. 

And through exercise you also strengthen your heart and lungs, and when these become stronger and healthier you will experience a significant increase in daily energy levels. These higher energy levels will be reflected in your increased ability to do daily activity like working and taking on more chores and feeling less fatigued at the end of the day. 

Basically it increases your quality of life on a daily basis, in the short term that is noticable but even more in the long term.

So go get that gym membership, go jog with your dog, go do that sport you used to do as a kid / teenager. Get moving, it doesn’t matter how long it is, some movements are always better than no movement!

Stretching, something I personally swear by and so do: Top martial artists, top footballers, top dancers, special forces operatives etc. 

If top athletes do it, it must have some benefits right? It does. But what is stretching actually? Stretch: Straighten or extend one’s body or a part of one’s body to its full length typically so as to tighten one’s muscle.

Few people know that stretching is extremely important to maintain the flexibility and the range of motion in your joints. If you don’t your muscles shorten and lose strength and functionality to extend. That’s why stretching is important to keep the muscle healthy, strong and flexible.

Rest and train your brain

Sleep is the most important factor for recovery and focus and it is important you get enough of it for your organism to recover and get its rest. We all have experienced how big of an impact sleep has on your daily energy levels and your concentration, a bad night’s rest is almost certainly a miserable day guaranteed. 

What we recommend to increase your time to get to sleep immediately as of today:

  1. No more screen time (phone, tablet, tv, laptop etc.) an hour before your plan to go to sleep. It’ll help your brain to and nervous system to relax
  1. Keep your room at a nice cool temperature, the body itself needs to drop 2 degrees celsius in order for it to go to sleep, so assist your body with this. You’ll fall asleep faster and you’ll be more rested when you wake up!
  1. Try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday, your body likes rhythm, and functions better when it has one! You’ll notice it yourself! You will wake up easier and go to bed easier.
  1. Unwind a bit with relaxing music before bed or by reading a book. Or a bath, be creative, every person unwinds differently. 

Train your brain: Sudoku, puzzles, chess, memory games, Dr. Kawashima’s brain training for Nintendo, whatever you prefer!

When doing brain training activities you increase your focus and concentration and even improve your short-term memory and problem solving skills.

Because a healthy and performing brain is key to being successful and making the best choices for yourself, it is of importance to keep it healthy and active. That’s also what the next tool is about and we at Fitnest.eu use it on a daily basis, we actually do!

Yamba! Moringa enlaced natural caps

The Moringa capsules we use ourselves at Fitnest! Link: https://www.yambahealth.com/nl/products/moringa-capsules-100

Moringa is the main ingredients of the caps that we use from Yamba!

Moringa is one of the most nutrient dense natural foods in the world.. Moringa is also known as a super antioxidant and has a wide range of other health benefits. 

Moringa powder is made from the leaves of the Moringa tree. They are dried and milled into powder. It’s often called the Miracle tree and that’s for good reason. Study shows Moringa has plenty of health benefits, is great for your skin (proven anti-ageing) and supports hair and nail growth. 

What we noticed is that we actually feel better and more focused / energized when taking these tabs disciplined and on a regular basis. And in no way are we sponsored or associated with Yamba but we truly believe in the product because it works! Have a try for yourself. We honestly think you might appreciate it. 

If you follow the habits mentioned above we’re 100% sure you’ll have more energy to enjoy the rest of your day, which in our minds is important to unwind and to be more productive and to eventually live a healthy and happy life in the long run.


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