Unilux ‘Chocolate’ Footrest

This ergonomic footrest will make your workspace complete! You can place your feet on the footrest while sitting and while standing. The footrest improves the bloodcirculation and will make your more productive while reducing fatigue and stress. It fully adjustable in height as well as its angle. The footrest is made from anti-slip material which will prevent the footrest from slipping on all types of floors.

  • Adapting to all body types
  • Continuously adjustable in inclination from 0 to 25 ยฐ and in height from 11 to 16 cm
  • Promotes blood circulation, increases productivity and decreases absenteeism
  • Rubber pads, anti-slip prevents the footrest from slipping
  • Dimensions of the area to lay feet: 42 cm x 32 cm

37.11 inc. VAT

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