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What are the benefits of a standing desk in 2021?

Do you know that many famous people were working at their standing desks? Leonardo da Vinci was using his standing desk to create Mona Lisa, Napolรฉon Bonaparte was analysing his battles and strategies while at his standing desk, Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf and Vladimir Nabokov were standing while creating their masterpieces.ย  According to Research and Markets, the World’s largest research store, the worldwide sales of standing desks have been constantly growing, and are expecting to hit the level of US$ 5.4. Billion by 2025. In this article we will get you acquainted with some awesome benefits of standing desks.ย 

What are the benefits of a standing desk?

1. Better mood

better mood
Your endorphin level is growing when you are standing.
Many studies show that people who work at standing desks for a few hours a day feel much better than their colleagues who sit. Why? It is ridiculous but your endorphin level is growing, when you are standing. How so? Endorphin is being produced when we move. While at a standing desk, you will not stand still but you will make small movements with your legs, head, back and other parts of the body. Endorphin is known for being responsible for a better mood, so your standing desk plus you working at it is a good combination that will make you happy.

2. More energy

The faster your blood moves, the more energy you get.
What brings you energy? Your blood. The faster your blood moves, the more oxygen is been transported to your muscles, and the more energetic you become. What makes your blood flow? Your movements. Again, while standing you are not frozen but you make movements, and this makes your blood vessels work.

3. Fewer blood sugar diseases

sugar control
Sitting for more than 6 hours a day may increase a risk of blood pressure.
Glucose is a type of sugar, that your body gets from foods and uses for energy. Glucose is travelling all around your body, and if it moves slowly, you are at high risk of having high blood pressure. According to a research from American Diabetes Association, sitting for more than 6 hours a day increases a risk of blood sugar diseases. Even though you sit at your office most of the time, you can still have a few 20-minute standing breaks. Obviously, not everyone is working in a big office so in order to make a change between sitting and standing activities, you can get a nice adjustable desk. One of benefits of a standing desk is that you do not need to get distracted from your work by any other activity.

4. More brain power

more brain power
Sitting makes brain structures thinner.
According to a recent research from UCLA (University of California Los Angeles), sitting makes brain structures thinner. These structures are essential for memory foundation. Do not take us wrong: it does not mean your memory will be completely lost if you are constantly sitting. We are just saying that standing will make your brain and memory work actively. Another research from UCLA shows that sitting increases a risk of having dementia and Alzheimer’s. In order not to have ย future health complications, take care of your health when young and think of getting a standing desk now!

5. Better metabolism and less obesity

When standing, you burn on average 50 calories a week with a working week of 40 hours.
Long sitting hours slow down your metabolism and promote accumulation. When sitting, your body burns 0 calories. When standing, you burn 50 extra calories a week with a working week of 40 hours. It does not mean you will become fit in a month while working at a standing desk. However, you will make some movements and this is the first step in fighting obesity issues and helping your metabolism get better.

6. More productivity

camera coffee
A standing desk can improve your productivity.
Productivity is everything. When in pain or having health issues, your productivity equals to 0. You should feel comfortable when doing whatever task at work. What can help you concentrate not on your constant pains but on your work? A standing desk! One of the the most amazing benefits of a standing desk is its comfortability, that will make you forget about all the health issues, related to pains and diseases.

7. Less back pain

Back pain is the most common complaint from the office workers worldwide.
Back pain is the most frequent complaint of office workers worldwide. According to data from recent researches, 80% of office workers have lower or upper back pain. Why so? There are many reasons. Your chair may not be comfortable, the position of your desk may be not perfect, your typing position may make you bend etc. What can change it? A standing desk in your office! Just think of amazing benefits of a standing desk such as more comfortability and a bunch of health advantages.

Summing up the benefits of a standing desk

Having a bunch of benefits, a standing desk will be a nice investment into your office or home. Comfortable, flexible and convenient for huge loads of work, a standing desk will also make you healthier and happier.
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