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Why do we sell standing desks?

Curious about our company, and why we decided to sell standing desks? Then this post is for you!

Why did we start Fitnest Europe?

We sit so many hours. Oh so many hours of our lifetime. Some studies, even point that we sit as long as 60 hours a week.

At 30 years of age, it is not uncommon to hear of people complaining about back-pains. It was a common talk around our (former) shared office space.

One person has a painful back, the other one a sore neck. Some people have a ‘mouse-arm’. All a side effect of sitting for long time or in the wrong position.

Often one looks for a better chair, or an ergonomic keyboard as a solution. However, a desk, has a huge impact too.

When we started Fitnest, we wanted to scratch our own itch.

We created a simple mission. “Help people build healthier habits while creating”. And we ventured into getting our toes wet into the market.

A few years have passed. We have sold tons of desks (they are heavy). And remain thrilled every-day to continue to provide high quality standing desks. To every corner of the EEA (European Economic Area).

At Fitnest, we talk a lot about value. Value relates to usage. If you buy an elliptical machine but do not use it, the value of the item is 0.

If you use the machine as a clothing hanger (guilty as charged) the value might be a bit more. As it will replace another item on your household.

[We all know, that it was not the intention of the machine in its first place.]

We want people to buy our desks to use them. We want you to stand while you work.

And as a company and team, we want to sleep well at night. We will not do so by selling a bad product, but a high quality one.

Our company’s HQ in the Netherlands. We manufacture our standing desk frames in Vietnam and import them to Rotterdam. We do quality control before we dispatch them to our clients.

Again, Why do we sell standing desks?

Because we love them, we use them and have gotten so used to them that we find it hard to work without them.

We feel happier. More energised, and enter a flow state of work with the aid of our computers, Spotify and our Standing Desks.

We want to deliver happiness to all our European Creators. We have no ambitions to cross the continent.

We want to focus exclusively on Europe as our target market.

We have sold hundreds of desks. But we are sure that there are thousands, or tens of thousands of people that can enjoy our products.

Perhaps this answer is longer than you expected, but its the truth. We love computers, creators and want to help them be more energetic and happy as they build.

We will be in the future months/years innovating the space of standing desks to add even more value to our product. What is important for us is that you use the desk, that, above all.

Thanks for reading

Carlos from Fitnest Europe

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